TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira tries out popular Canadian snacks on trip to Montreal

She revealed she wasn't a fan of some of the snacks.

Mikayla Nogueira is sharing clips from her first trip to Canada. (Instagram/@mikaylajmakeup)
Mikayla Nogueira is sharing clips from her first trip to Canada. (Instagram/@mikaylajmakeup)

A U.S. TikTok star is trying out all things Canadian on her first trip north of the border.

Mikayla Nogueira, a makeup artist with 14.9 million followers on TikTok, is in Quebec for the first time and took to the app to try out some snacks exclusive to Canada.

In a video shared Monday night, Nogueira sat in a hotel room with her husband and mom, tasting Lay's All-Dressed Chips and Coffee Crisp.

"None of us have heard of these before, apparently they're a Canadian exclusive," the influencer said in the video, before giving the chips a smell.

Nogueira tried her first all-dressed chips and immediately looked surprised, with her eyebrows raised.

"You know what it tastes like to me? It's like BBQ and salt-and-vinegar," she said, as her husband Cody joked, "Yeah, it's almost like they're 'all-dressed.'"

Nogueira added "it's every flavour in one chip."

The trio then moved on to Nestle's Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, which the TikToker said she was "most excited about."

After a quick sniff test, Nogueira said "it smells strongly like coffee." As she had her first bite, she seemed unsure whether she liked it, saying "it's very dense," while Cody claimed "it's good" immediately.

"I'm not into it," Nogueira concluded, which her mom agreed with, adding she doesn't like coffee in the first place. "It's not bad though," they said before asking her followers what else they should try.

The comment section was flooded with suggestions.

"Beaver tails, ketchup chips, Tim Hortons," one person recommended.

"Ruffles All-Dressed are better in my opinion," another added, comparing to the Lay's. Nogueira responded saying, "Good to know" along with a laughing emoji.

One TikTok user added Smarties and Hickory Sticks to the list of must-try snacks, as well as Canadian KitKats which they said are "much better than American."

Nogueira captured their trip to Canada in another TikTok shared first, to tell her followers "all about it."

The first thing Nogueira and her family did was get some Canadian cash. "Let me tell you — it makes U.S. cash look ugly as s—-," she joked.

They arrived to Montreal for a friend's wedding and stayed in a hotel that was "absolutely beautiful."

The second thing on their to-do list was getting some poutine. Though she "had to try it," she admitted the restaurant they picked "wasn't best place to try poutine for the first time."

Nogueira and Cody then went to Canadian Tire and later on explored the old town of Montreal.

"Everyone was saying to go and it was absolutely beautiful. There were so many restaurants, so many historical spots. The architecture and buildings were beautiful, I loved the roads.

"Canada's a blast!," she concluded.

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