TikTok’s viral ‘Pookie’ couple Campbell and Jett Puckett are expecting their first baby

Influencers revealed news in TikTok video  (@campbellhuntpuckett / TikTok)
Influencers revealed news in TikTok video (@campbellhuntpuckett / TikTok)

TikTok’s viral “Pookie” couple, Campbell and Jett Puckett, are having their first baby together.

In a video shared on her social media accounts, Campbell revealed that she was pregnant with her and Jett’s baby. The footage begins with the couple, who are based in Georgia, walking down the steps of a house, before Jett cradled his wife’s baby bump.

Along with a onesie that was hanging up outside, Campbell was shown wearing a body-con dress and posing on a blanket, as her baby bump was adorned with flower petals. The video went on to document other snippets of the couple, who were wearing white outfits, together.

For example, one shot featured the pair exchanging a kiss, while another documented them hanging up their baby’s sonogram. Campbell’s video ended with her husband hugging her from behind, before she noted that she’ll be welcoming her baby in November 2024.

She proceeded to celebrate the big news in the caption, writing: “Our greatest blessing…Baby Puckett coming soon.”

In the comments of the TikTok video, many fans went on to congratulate the influencer, with references to her nickname “Pookie,” which her husband frequently calls her in their viral videos about their outfits.

“BABY POOKIE,” one wrote, while another added: “Baby Pookie is so lucky.”

Influencer Alix Earle also wrote, “Omg congratulations,” along with a pink heart emoji.

Speaking toPeople, Campbell expressed how excited she and her husband are to become parents, noting that they’ve “always dreamed of” it. “Jett and I have been together for nine years, married for six, and I’m most excited to see him become a dad — I’ve thought about that since I met him,” she explained.

In a joint statement, the couple also added: “Our life has been building up to this moment, and we could not be more excited and blessed to bring another life into the world. We’re ready for this next phase in our life and this new purpose as parents.”

Throughout the last year, Jett and Campbell have risen to prominence on TikTok for regularly posting videos of them showing off their outfits. On Campbell’s account, Jett has become an audience favorite for hyping his wife up as she modeled her looks while also lovingly calling her “Pookie.” In one video posted in January, Jett commented on his wife’s mini-skirt and cardigan combo, which was for a Friday night date night.

“Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples,” he said. “And Pookie looks absolutely amazing.”

As their social media reach increased, with fans both praising and mocking how the pair expressed their love for each other, they were also hit with immense scrutiny. In January, viewers began to dig through their online history, with one viral video narrating Jett’s resume alongside a screenshot of what appeared to be his LinkedIn.

Reddit users also found multiple photos from the couple’s past, including an image on Facebook of Campbell posing in front of a Confederate flag. In another photo on Pinterest at the time, she could be seen donning a gown with a large skirt said to be for an Antebellum plantation-themed Ole Miss Greek event

Circulation of the photos sparked backlash in January, leading Campbell to take to her Instagram Story to apologize and address the situation. She also defended the photos, saying that she was young and naive when she took them.

“As some of you may have seen, some old photos of mine have recently resurfaced,” she wrote in white overlaid text over a solemn black background. “At the time these photos were taken, I was 20. I didn’t fully understand the impact of my actions the way I do now, 12 years later. I fully apologize for the harm this may have caused for some and take full responsibility.”

Campbell then noted that with her and Jett’s growing online platform, public scrutiny and judgment come with the territory. “Because we live our lives so publicly, everything is on the internet, even my mistakes. We hope to continue to bring you with us on our journey as we continue to learn and grow,” she added.