Tom Sandoval Is Reportedly Dating a Model Once Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio

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Somehow, someway, Tom Sandoval is no longer a single man.

On February 1, TMZ reported that the controversial Vanderpump Rules figure is dating a model who was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in 2016. According to the outlet, Sandoval has been dating Victoria Lee Robinson for a little over a month, with the 31-year-old appearing on his Instagram story on multiple occasions since December 2023.

Of course, Tom Sandoval is best known as the “worm with a mustachethe man who ruined white nail polish the 40-year-old bar owner who cheated on his partner of nine years, Ariana Madix, with her best friend and VPR costar Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. Ten months after sparking one of the biggest reality television scandals of all time, Sandoval recently told podcast host Nick Viall that he’s ready to “protect someone’s heart.”

“Am I ready to protect somebody’s heart? Yes, of course I am,” he said on an episode of The Viall Files, released on January 30. “I don’t know what to say except I fucked up, and I know that I did that. It doesn’t matter the scenario, it doesn’t matter. I fucked up, and I do know that. I do love hard, I really do.”

Of course, this was after showing up to the podcast over an hour late, which he tried to deflect by claiming Viall was late to his podcast the previous day, though that doesn’t appear to be the case. Obviously, accountability still isn’t one of his strong suits….

“You know what’s scary, though, is I believe that you believe that,” Viall told Sandoval when he realized the reality star wasn’t going to budge despite text messages that seemed to prove Viall was on time. To me, the scary thing is the moment he promised never to cheat “that way” again.

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Before *Vanderpump Rules*, before Scandoval, before the (almost) 2 million Instagram followers, she was a master of reinvention. The newest version of Ariana Madix? Stronger, freer, and—yes—richer.

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