The top videos of the day: Editor's picks

1. Woman finds out $100 statue is actually worth over $100,000

On “Antiques Roadshow”, one lucky lady found out the statue she bought for $100 at a garage sale nearly 20 years ago is worth over $100,000.

2. Story about a 10-year-old painting her sister’s sneakers will break your heart

When a 10-year-old artist needed a confidence boost, strangers on the internet had her back.

3. Millennial con man lives life of luxury with investor money

Randall “Randy” Rye promised investors that he had a state-of-the art computer program designed to make them rich. Instead, the 26-year-old is behind bars, guilty of concocting a brazen scheme to steal nearly $2 million.

4. Elsa from ‘Frozen’ saved a girl’s 7th birthday party

Elsa to the rescue! When no one showed up to this 7-year-old’s birthday, the character from Disney’s “Frozen” saved the day.

5. Newtown moms write letters to Florida families for post-shooting support

Mothers who have dealt with the grief of a school shooting in their community are reaching out to parents in Florida who are now grappling with a tragedy of their own.