Tori Spelling reveals she has placentas in her freezer

The actress is unsure which of her five children the organs are from  (Getty Images for iHeartRadio)
The actress is unsure which of her five children the organs are from (Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Tori Spelling has opened up about what she keeps in her freezer.

On Friday June 28 the 90210 actress explained on her podcast, misSPELLING, that she has placenta from two of her five children and she’s not sure which ones. “Unsure which child, there’s two in there, so, unless I have the biggest placenta in the world, there’s two vats in there,” she said.

Spelling shares five children with her ex-husband Dean McDermott: Liam, 17, Stella, 16, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and seven-year-old Beau. She went on to explain why she decided to keep it, saying, “It’s supposed to be good. It’s something that’s good for your body and they take it out of your body and it’s good to put it back in your body.”

Delivering the placenta is considered the third stage of labor and is an organ shaped like a pancake or disc that is attached on one side to the mother’s uterus and on the other side to the baby’s umbilical cord. The organ is meant to produce hormones for the child including progesterone and estrogen.

Following delivery, some doctors allow mothers to take the placenta home, but it will vary based on the state. Although the typical reason for taking the organ home is normally to eat it, the Mayo Clinic reports that eating the placenta can harm a person’s body.

Spelling’s manager Ruthanne Secunda asked during the podcast episode, “Probably not store it in your freezer too long. How long has it been in there?”

She responded that she wasn’t sure and would have to look at them to check. The only aspect she was certain of was that neither of the placentas belonged to her youngest son Beau because she was keeping that one in a friend’s freezer.

“I’m really sorry to my best friend, Jess, because [Beau’s] is still in her freezer. You want to talk good friends?” she said, ask she mentioned that she asked Jess to take her placenta home from the hospital.

“I feel like she has asked me a few times over the last seven years to take that back and I say, ‘Yep, next time I’m there!’ And then I don’t. I’m going to. I’m going to one day,” she told herself.

The actress also mentioned that she doesn’t have the placenta from all five of her children anymore because of how many times they’ve moved over the years, so she’s lost some.

“We move a lot, so unfortunately a couple got lost,” she said before thinking about the next people living in her old house possibly finding them. “Imagine that, you guys: they got lost or left at a rental. Imagine you open up a freezer and it’s Tori Spelling’s placenta. That would be interesting to put on eBay.”

At another point during the episode, Spelling even revealed that her and McDermott did eat her placenta after cooking it.

“One time, my ex — I was on board — we cooked the placenta and ate it," she said. “Dean’s an amazing chef, so, I mean… He cooked it and seasoned it and it was actually really good.”

The couple got divorced earlier this year after being married for 18 years.