Tourists stunned as Wizz Air jet skims their heads on Greek beach

Tourists on a Greek beach got a shock when a low-flying Wizz Air plane zoomed above their heads shortly before landing in Skiathos.

A keen planespotter captured video of the moment the jet skimmed the group of sunbathers, flying just feet above their heads before touching down on the runway.

The runway at Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport is very close to the beach, with locals and tourists alike pitching up to enjoy summer days nearby.

In the video, posted to YouTube by aviation account GreatFlyer on Friday (5 August), one beachgoer can be heard shouting “Holy s***,” while a man with a camera seems to duck and wince as the jet goes by.

After it passes, several people on the beach laugh nervously.

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The aircraft involved was a Wizz Air-operated Airbus A321neo.

Approaches to coastal airports from the sea are common in the Mediterranean, but several aviation enthuasiasts noted that this approach seemed much lower to the ground than usual.

“The pilot aimed low and he aimed very well, impressive and dangerous!” commented Paul Morley.

“Incredible capture. That was extremely low!” said Dominica Aviation.

The jet flew shockingly low over the beach (YouTube/GreatFlyer)
The jet flew shockingly low over the beach (YouTube/GreatFlyer)

Others pointed out that planespotters and tourists shouldn’t be able to venture into the landing zone to watch.

“Those people aren’t supposed to stay there, inside the danger zone. Police should be there just to avoid such gatherings,” said one.

The Independent has contacted Wizz Air for comment.