TV host Tracy Moore gets real about perimenopause: 'Hot flashes have no manners'

Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about her life and body in her latest Instagram post. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about perimenopause on Instagram. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore wants to "normalize" getting older.

On Thursday, the Canadian television host took to Instagram to share a video and candid message about perimenopause with her 149,000 followers.

Over the years, Moore has gained a following for her honest and real content surrounding motherhood, aging, fitness, body positivity and more.

In the video, the 47-year-old filmed herself waiting to go onstage. She positioned herself in the wings of the studio surrounded by media equipment masked in blue light.

As the clip progressed, Moore vigorously fanned herself with a hot pink hand fan to combat her "hot flashes." She smirked and stared at the camera before letting out a deep breath.

To film the video, the mother-of-two wore bright pink trousers and a lime green satin blouse. Moore opted for a mauve lip and a smoky eye while her long, brown locks were expertly styled in loose waves.

"Hiding backstage desperately fanning myself because hot flashes have no manners and like to ruin me during the show," she wrote as on-screen text alongside the hot face emoji.

In the caption, the Richmond Hill, Ont.-native revealed that she wants to eliminate the stigma surrounding perimenopause.

"Not putting this here because I’m looking for perimenopause advice. I’m surrounded by smart women advisors and I’m working on it. I’m posting this to normalize it," Moore penned. "About to be as loud about this period (haha period) in my life as I am about all my other life stages. The more loudly we speak…the more normal it becomes. Now watch out because I’m about to take my top off."

In the comments, fans praised the "Cityline" host for keeping it real about all facets of life.

"Love this! I literally always have a fan in my purse — favourite accessory," commented a follower.

"This is necessary Thank you for this! Especially because I’m 'fanning' earlier than expected!" shared someone else.

"Thank you for normalizing it. Meetings are hard when you are the only one sweating, and its not nerves," added another.

"I feel you Tracy. Thanks for always keeping it real. Aging queen. I love you for it!" wrote a fan.

Earlier this week, Moore spoke about another topic close to her heart — motherhood.

The TV host shared a video that encouraged mothers to stay true to themselves on Instagram. In the clip, Moore was seen practicing yoga, relaxing in a jacuzzi and laughing with a friend.

In the caption, Moore penned a motivational message for her followers.

"One of the toughest things you have to do as a mom is hang onto you. There are a limitless number of obligations and duties that will easily eat you up if you don’t fight for yourself...But slowly and surely it gets easier to find you. It’s a good feeling, so keep going," she wrote.

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