Tracy Moore shares 'two rules' for days she feels unmotivated: 'Trying that today'

Tracy Moore has a couple of helpful tips for people who struggling to find motivation on slow days. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)
Tracy Moore has a couple of helpful tips for people who struggling to find motivation on slow days. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram) ((Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram))

Tracy Moore is sharing her tips on finding motivation.

The 47-year-old shared an Instagram Reel on Wednesday of herself on the "Cityline" set, where she's pumping herself up to find energy for the day. In the clip, set to the song "Pressure" by Auntie Piggy, the Canadian TV host wore a red blazer on top of a black dress, pairing the look with leopard-print heels and large gold earrings.

Makeup artist Tracy Peart gave Moore a bright makeup look with a red lip, while Sheron Panchoo of JouJou Hair Studio pulled her curly locks into a low ponytail.

"I have two rules for when I'm feeling sleepy and unmotivated: Wear red and act a fool. Works every time," Moore captioned her post, while adding hashtags like "WhoSheThinkSheIs" and "WhoGonCheckHer," referencing lines from the video's song.

Fellow influencers and fans showed their appreciation for Moore's candid personality in the comments of her post.

"Ha! Anything to give us energy on these gloomy days," wrote Canadian fitness influencer Zehra Allibhai.

"Two rules we can def get behind," added podcasters Cat and Nat.

"I always wear red on crappy days. Also one of my rules!" someone chimed in.

"Love that. My mum always says that on her worst days, she wears her brightest red lipstick," someone else penned, to which Moore replied, "She knows what's up."

"You look amazing. Love this outfit. You look so amazing in black and red," one person shared.

"Great idea! I'll need to wear red and act like a fool all winter long," someone joked.

Moore often uses her social media platform to share bits of motivation or spotlight issues she's been pondering.

In November, the Richmond Hill, Ont.-native opened up about the lack of representation in the online fitness community.

"When I look at fitness on social media, I don't see many people who look like me," she began saying in her video. "I've got a belly, I've got some thighs — ooh, a rip in my leggings. But exercise for me these days is not so much about being super, super thin. It's not going to happen. I'm 47 and I'm loving my body the way it is. It's strong, it's capable ... it does what it needs to do."

"It would be lovely to see more representation like this everywhere when it comes to fitness. Fitness is about being strong, right?" she continued. "It's about being flexible, it's about movement. It's no so much about looking anatomically perfect."

Moore continued with a piece of advice for her more than 150,000 followers.

"If you want to do a workout today and you're thinking to yourself, 'I don't belong in the gym, I don't belong on a treadmill,' you belong anywhere you want to be," she said.

In the caption to her post, Moore further explained her message.

"I don't see my belly and thighs reflected in the social media fitness community. I barely see my body reflected in the daytime television world. It sucks, but I've had to deal with it for the past 20 years, so I'm good at drowning out the noise now," she wrote. "I know I'm fit and my body is truly fantastic for the way it supports me day-to-day. I'm impressed by what it can do.

"Through it all, my workouts will remain. Fitness will always be the best drug I've ever tried. If you never see yourself reflected in a space, try to go do the thing anyway. You can be the thing you want to see."

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