Tracy Moore shares 'hot tip' for handling perimenopause: 'I have sequestered myself'

The "Cityline" host, 48, says she doesn't ask why she's experiencing hot flashes and sudden irritability.

Tracy Moore is sharing her "hot tip" for facing the symptoms of perimenopause.

On Thursday, the "Cityline" host, 48, took to Instagram to share a sun-soaked video of herself sitting in her backyard, opening up about experiencing hot flashes and feeling irritable for "no God-given reason."

"It is a beautiful day today, but for some reason, I'm feeling off, " the mom-of-two began the clip. "I'm getting very easily irritated. I don't know why."

Moore revealed that a hot flash was suddenly "triggered," while she was trying to sort out her daughter's schedule for competitive hockey try-outs. She felt another "internal inferno" after she "lost her parking ticket" in an underground parking garage at the Toronto Eaton Centre shopping mall.

"So my hot tip is: I don't ask why. I don't ask why I'm feeling off today. I don't ask why I'm irritated. I accept it. I have sequestered myself from my family. I'm in the backyard with this guy," she said, panning the camera toward her dog. "He doesn't talk. He doesn't irritate me.

"This is gonna be me for the rest of the day."

The Canadian TV personality reiterated her message in the caption of the post and added that she is keeping her family "safe" from her "grumpiness" by staying outside.

"Ever been caught in a hot flash/irritability feedback loop?" she penned, sarcastically adding, "You should try it because it's so fun.

"There is absolutely no God-given reason for my grumpiness so I'm choosing not to investigate. Sometimes you just gotta wave 'bye' to your estrogen as you sequester yourself in the backyard with the dog. I've found this is the best way to keep my family safe (from me)."

In the comments, fans thanked Moore for her honesty and "lighthearted" solution for handling perimenopause.

"So good and so relatable!" an Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Thanks for being so open about this."

"This is such a good tip. Thank you," someone chimed in.

"Love how lighthearted you are about it even when you're struggling. Thank you for your openness!" a fan wrote.

This wasn't the first time Moore got real with her fans about perimenopause. In October, she shared a "hilarious" Instagram Reel of herself lip-syncing to an audio clip that said: "A win is a win. I don't care what y'all say, a win is a win."

"My hot flashes have mysteriously disappeared but I still get irrationally cranky and my periods come and go as they please," she captioned the post.

"Guess what? I'll take it! If I get to feel this sure in my skin and comfy with my body in exchange for some mild moments of b—dom, it is absolutely a win."

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