Tracy Moore shares 'hilarious' video about perimenopause: 'Irrationally cranky'

Tracy Moore is getting real about perimenopause.

On Wednesday, the "Cityline" host took to Instagram to share a "hilarious" and "relatable" video about her experience with perimenopause.

In the video, Moore lip-synched to audio that said: "A win is a win. I don't care what y'all say, a win is a win."

The 47-year-old also included on-screen text that explained while perimenopause can mean "sporadic periods" and "irritability," it can also mean "confidence" and "body love."

"My hot flashes have mysteriously disappeared but I still get irrationally cranky and my periods come and go as they please," she captioned the post for her 150,000 followers, adding: "Guess what? I’ll take it! If I get to feel this sure in my skin and comfy with my body in exchange for some mild moments of b—dom, it is absolutely a win."

In the comments, fans applauded the mother-of-two for her honesty and "lighthearted" spin on perimenopause.

"I love your honesty and how lighthearted and positive you are about a part of womanhood that can be so uncomfortable. You're an inspiration! Thank you for sharing," an Instagram user commented.

Another added: "This is so hilarious and painfully relatable hahah love it."

"So glad you are having these conversations," a fan wrote alongside a heart emoji.

Someone else penned: "I love that you're talking about menopause!"

"Thank you as always for keeping it so real, Tracy. We need so much more of this," commented another.

This isn't the first time that Moore has been transparent about perimenopause. Last month, the TV host shared a candid video of herself waiting to go onstage while vigorously fanning herself.

"Hiding backstage desperately fanning myself because hot flashes have no manners and like to ruin me during the show," she wrote in on-screen text.

"Not putting this here because I’m looking for perimenopause advice. I’m surrounded by smart women advisors and I’m working on it. I’m posting this to normalize it," Moore captioned the clip. "About to be as loud about this period (haha period) in my life as I am about all my other life stages. The more loudly we speak…the more normal it becomes. Now watch out because I’m about to take my top off."

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