Canadian TV host Tracy Moore opens up about the different 'parts' of her personality

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Tracy Moore.Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore
Tracy Moore is opening up about the "parts" of her personality that make her who she is. (Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore is getting candid about the many parts of her personality.

Over the weekend, the Canadian television host took to Instagram to share a video with her more than 145,000 followers, opening up about the different — sometimes contradictory — parts of herself that make up her "core" personality.

Alongside a compilation video showing off photos that best reflect the layers of her personality, Moore explained that throughout her broadcasting career, she has struggled with being herself in front of the camera, but now, she has made it to "the other side of that façade."

"When I started working as a reporter I felt really proud. And really confused because I had no idea how to be myself on camera," she began. "I probably hung onto more parts of myself than others but I still felt the need to play a role like many of my reporter colleagues."

Moore said that no matter what version of herself she's presenting to others, they are all a part of who she is.

"Deepening our voices and acting above the fray. I’m thrilled to be on the other side of that façade. So whether you’re watching Tracy Michelle Moore, Tracy, Tray or just plain T…I’m just different degrees of the same core girl," Moore penned. "And that’s why I love this TikTok trend. It’s good to celebrate all the parts of who we are."

She encouraged her followers to unpack the "contradictions" of their own personalities and "lean into" them.

"What contradictions can you draw out of your personality? Do you lean into all of the parts of you?" she asked.

The 47-year-old's inspirational message quickly garnered praise for pointing out how complex personalities can be.

"I love this so much. I feel like people are always trying to figure out what their personality type is in a black and white way, but the most incredible part of being human is that we can be so many things simultaneously," one Instagram user shared. "For instance, I'm shy around new people, but extremely outgoing and charismatic with others. I've been labeled as timid by some, and outgoing by others, and the truth is I am both. We are all made up of contradictory, circumstantial, inconsistent, and 'grey' personality traits, and that's a beautiful thing."

"Such a great message," someone else added.

"Authenticity for the damn win, T! Life is too short for anything but," commented another.

One fan wrote: "Beyond inspiring."

"Loving the transparency, Tracy. Keep leading the way," another person chimed in.

This isn't the first time Moore has gotten candid with her Instagram followers about her personality. In June, the "Cityline" host shared a message about being a "recovering perfectionist."

"Come along with me while I lower the bar," she captioned the post. "I’m a recovering perfectionist leaning hard into all the joy."

She revealed that she has been combatting perfectionism in her day-to-day life with a method that she has dubbed the "Pick Two" rule.

She wrote: "While I don’t want to suck at life, I’ve been following the 'Pick Two' rule for many years now. On any given day I’m never going to get it all right. I may eat clean and be supportive and lovely to my hubs, but I might implode on my kids. I might have a big catch-up with my parents and play with the kids but also ignore a whole bunch of work duties. I let myself off the hook daily. Because you know what ... I’m picking two. That’s it!"

"Sidebar 2: I was good to my kids and worked out today. So yeah, everyone else got crap-all from me," she added.

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