Tracy Moore shares 'rant' after 'unsolicited' comments about fixing her appearance

Tracy Moore is firing back at negative comments about her appearance.

On Monday, the Canadian television personality took to Instagram to share a video addressing comments she's received about "fixing" her face.

"You wonder why I don't go into my DMs; it's because I see things like this," Moore began before revealing a message that read: "I sell soaps that would clear up your freckles."

The "Cityline" host explained that in the last few months, she's received three "unsolicited" comments from people claiming "they can help [her] fix [her] face."

"If you see on my page that I say things like 'I like myself and I like my body and I like my face' — how come you say things like 'I can help you fix your face?'" Moore asked. "How come you would think I'd want those removed when I didn't tell you that I had a problem with them?"

"If you see something on someone else and you don't like not mention it," she went on. "I've never said that I have an issue with my face...But some of you do and you tell me."

In addition to her Instagram video, she included a caption summarizing her message.

"It’s a rant but also a lesson," she penned to her 49,000 followers. "If the person can’t fix it in five seconds, do not mention it. They can’t get a nose job, lose 40 pounds, or remove every dark spot on their skin in 5 seconds, so ma’am, keep it moving."

"Also I’ll continue to shout my boundaries out on this here platform as long as I feel it’s necessary," Moore concluded. "Btw, your face looks good today, my friend. Go enjoy it!"

In the comments, Moore's fans applauded her for publicly addressing the "toxic" remarks, and standing up for herself.

"Love this," someone else commented.

One person wrote: "It's unbelievable what people will allow themselves to say. Thank you for sending the message out."

"Ah I love you! Never change for anybody!" another chimed in.

"The audacity of people and their feelings of entitlement towards others is just crazy to me!" commented another.

Back in August, fans praised Moore for sharing another video that encouraged "positive self-talk."

Moore explained how society wants to make us "actually hate ourselves," but she is working "really hard to try and reverse that," she said alongside a video of herself jumping rope.

The TV host added that while positive self-talk is "not easy," "it takes practice" — but it's worth it in the end.

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