Tracy Moore says she will 'still be rocking a 2-piece' swimsuit when she's 90

The "Cityline" host said in a recent Instagram post she is committing to two-piece swimsuits for life.

Tracy Moore is never giving up two-piece swimsuits.

On Wednesday, the "Cityline" host, 48, took to Instagram with a video from her recent family vacation in Jamaica, paired with a sweeping declaration that she is committing to two-piece swimsuits for life.

In the sun-soaked Instagram Reel, Moore showed off a variety of vibrant swimsuits she wore on her holiday, as well as a candid clip of herself spending time with her daughter on a beach.

"Just living my best life barely clothed," she penned to her more than 153,000 followers. Catch me at 90 and trust, I’ll still be rocking a two-piece."

In the comments, fans swooned over Moore's video and praised her for the important reminder that "all bodies are bikini bodies."

"You are a moment! I love this so much. All bodies are bikini bodies, period. You look amazing! Thank you for sharing," an Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "You look absolutely stunning."

"I love this so much! You keep rocking your [swimsuits]," someone else chimed in.

"You look amazing, girl. Love your body positivity and the role model that you are for your children," a fan penned.

"Thanks for inspiring me to wear my two-piece. I'm 74," one person shared. "If Martha Stewart can do it, so can I!"

Earlier this month, the mom-of-two shared a carousel of candid photos of herself from a recent broadcast, proudly putting her "stomach rolls" on display.

"I asked my producer to grab a shot of me this week sitting like this. It’s sometimes a struggle to show up publicly with a publicly changing body," she shared. "My body has carried two pregnancies, lost one and is now perimenopausal in front of an audience."

Moore added despite there being "an immense amount" of pressure on women to feel ashamed of their stomach rolls, she "didn't feel like sucking in or sitting in a way that might hide my stomach."

"I call that a win," she concluded.

"Tomorrow I may not feel the same and that’s ok… because today me and my tummy are friends."

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