'Your body is always ready for vacation': Tracy Moore shares powerful post

The "Cityline" host isn't letting body image issues "cut into" her vacation.

'Your body is always ready for vacation': Tracy Moore shares powerful post

Tracy Moore isn't letting body image issues "cut into" her vacation.

Over the weekend, the Canadian TV host, 47, took to Instagram with to share a video from her Mexican vacation — and paired it with a powerful message about self-acceptance.

In on-screen text placed over a montage of Moore candidly enjoying her holiday alongside her 12-year-old daughter, Eva, she wrote: "POV: Your body is always ready for vacation."

The "Cityline" host included a caption, explaining that she didn't prepare her body for vacation or allow her image to get in the way of "joy."

"I didn’t get my body ready for vacation because my body is always ready for vacation. I didn’t find figure-flattering bikinis because my figure is always flattering," she penned. "I didn’t hesitate to put on a bikini and flail in the waves because any hesitation would cut into my joy."

"Your body is ready. Your suit is perfect. Go put it on and have fun," the mom-of-two concluded.

In the comments, fans applauded Moore for the inspiring reminder.

"Love this so much, Tracy!" an Instagram user wrote, while another added, "Louder louder louder," alongside a clapping emoji.

"Love this so much! Thank you for sharing. Living in the moment with your family and experiencing joy is far more important than what your body looks like. But at any rate, you look absolutely stunning in all of your bikinis!" a fan commented.

One person chimed in: "Love this. Thank you for being you; raw and authentic."

"I love all of this! You look spectacular, T. I smiled the whole time watching this video," another shared.

On Valentine's Day, Moore shared another Instagram video enjoying time with her daughter Eva, her 15-year-old son, Sid, and her husband, Lionel Perron.

"A beautiful day with my loves," she captioned the post. "Arguing over our favourite love songs (there’s a generational gap for sure), blind taste tests (Sid gives deep-fried pickles a [thumbs down]), cards, heart-shaped pizza, chocolate and just goodness."

"I hope you know love follows you wherever you go," she continued. "And the best love of all is clearly the love you have for yourself."

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