This limited-edition 'Game of Thrones' makeup line is back in stock — but it won't be for long!

URBAN DECAY Game Of Thrones Vault

Urban Decay and Game of Thrones are two completely different things with a cult-like following — and they’ve teamed up for the ultimate badass makeup line.

In honour of the final season of the television and cultural phenomenon, Urban Decay has launched a Game of Thrones makeup line, including the limited edition vault set ($315) pictured above.

The website boasts that the vault collection contains everything you need (although each item can be purchased on its own), including:

The most-liked item on the Sephora website in the collection is the eyeshadow palette which boasts of “an arsenal of 20 eyeshadow shades you can use to declare your allegiance to House Targaryen, to House Lannister, or to House Stark, or to defeat the White Walkers.”

Game Of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette

With gorgeous colours “inspired by the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms,” fans of the show will love the pigmented shades with names like “Winterfell,” “Stormborn,” and “Dothraki.”

As well as being a treat for those eagerly awaiting to see who takes the Iron Throne, the eye palette has been well reviewed.

“Love the packaging,” wrote one person on Sephora. “The Iron Throne is very cute. I love that the palette is broken up into colour families. The shimmer shades in round palettes would also make great highlighter shades. Unfortunately for me, House Lannister is the best looking colour family for my eye colour and skin tone. But they’re all pretty.”

“Night King colours are fun and I will use them on the weekend or for special events,” wrote another. “Winterfell is gorgeous and more of a autumn/winter colour scheme to me so this will get year around use. Targaryen is definitely the most summer scheme so this will be the one I’ll use most now. Lannister is my favourite as I look best in these colours IMO.”

Will you be picking up these makeup goodies as we wait to see who will rule the Seven Kingdoms?

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