VIDEO: Playboy Shower Gel Commercial Might Be Worse Than Axe Ads

Joanna Douglas
Shine from Yahoo! Canada

As Playboy struggles to stay relevant, the company is launching a men's body product to compete with Axe. The new commercial for Playboy body wash is not only sexist, it's absurd. Watch as one supposed body wash user lives out his ridiculous fantasies complete with twins, 21-year-old girls, and a rotating bed.


Do guys really think this commercial is funny or? Do they believe using Playboy body wash can turn them into some kind of stud? Does Playboy realize this ad is corny, predictable, and objectifies women in the lamest of ways? It's boring!

We'd like to see an alternate version where the lady trapped in the elevator busts out some kung fu moves, escapes, and reports the guy for being a creep. 

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