Watch: Nearly 110-year-old time capsule found in ceiling at Michigan home

April 15 (UPI) -- A repair project at a Michigan home led to a surprising discovery: a time capsule of items dating back more than 100 years.

Jesse Leitch said he hired a crew for repair work after the heater failed at his Grand Rapids home and the workers had to cut through the bathroom ceiling, where they found the stash of items.

"Just basically as they were cutting into the ceiling above the bathroom -- it wasn't in a box, it was just all this stuff kind of set in a pile basically," Leitch told WZZM-TV.

The 12 items found inside the ceiling included a handwritten note with a drawing, a tiny cast iron pan, a small percussion instrument, a marble, a couple of dominoes, a picture of Jesus and newspaper clippings from 1915.

"I knew this place was built in 1910. And so it's just a really old building and made me think about, you know, obviously, some kid living here thought this stuff was important to stick around for the next guy," Leitch said.

Demolition crews tearing down the Richmond Mall in Forest Acres, S.C., found a time capsule of their own last month.

Officials said the capsule, buried when the mall opened in 2000, will be reburied in a park set to replace the mall until its scheduled opening in 2033.