Woman divides the internet after not inviting friend to dinner party because of a social media post

Woman upset over not being invited to dinner party because of her stance on pet cats (Getty Images)
Woman upset over not being invited to dinner party because of her stance on pet cats (Getty Images)

People can typically be separated into two groups when it comes to pets: cat people and dog people. But one person is questioning if their friend has taken the concept too far.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, a woman revealed that the predicament began when she posted a photo of her pet cat on her Instagram Stories sitting next to her while she was cooking, clarifying that it wasn’t anywhere near the food.

However, that didn’t stop her friend from criticizing the proximity of the cat to her cooking, according to the woman, who wrote: “My ‘friend’ Rose reposted it with her own caption, a puke face emoji and ‘You can’t eat everybody house.’”

She explained that, at the time, she didn’t think much of it based on Rose’s frequent use of popular social media phrases such as “pineapple on pizza = monsters” and “raisins in cookies are why I have trust issues.”

“She has other traits that make up for it, but truthfully I do tend to avoid one-on-one time with her,” she clarified.

But, according to the Reddit user, when it came time for her to plan the guest list for a dinner party she was having, she made the decision to not invite Rose - who went on to find out about the party when the attendees began to post about it.

She wrote that Rose ultimately confronted her, and told her that she was giving off “high school mean girl vibes.”

“I told her that she has made it clear she doesn’t eat at the homes of people who have cats, so why would I have invited her to a dinner party?” the woman continued in the post.

“She got defensive and said that she could have just come and not eaten anything. I said that in the future, maybe she should be more careful about what she says, because to me it was very clear.”

“Rose has continued to tell people I’m giving ‘high school mean girl to nurse pipeline’ (...I’m an accountant) and all that,” the post concluded as she asked users to give their opinion on the situation.

After posting, many people admitted that they agreed with the poster and felt that she was never required to invite Rose to the dinner party.

“You’re not giving mean girl vibes. She’s giving super-entitled, insufferable jerk vibes,” one comment began. “I have grown comfortable with the idea that if someone thinks I’m a cow for enforcing my boundaries, then I will happily moo. Honestly, it’s preferable to being treated like doormat until you snap, and suddenly your Le Creuset cookware is spattered with their gore.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Seems like she is just now learning that actions have consequences. No way she actually think she could publicly shame you and still get invited, that’s real ‘delulu’. She sounds very chronically online and self centered, no amount of good traits make up for the entitlement. I mean, I use those phrases too but never in a serious context and DEFINITELY never to insult/belittle someone else?? That’s just weird honestly. Hope you take a hard look at this relationship and realize it’s not worth the headache.”

“She wanted you to invite her to a DINNER PARTY where she would not eat,” a third commenter pointed out. “Does she know what a dinner party is? The point is to eat and talk about the food while you’re eating it, maybe a drink or two after then everyone leaves, what would she be doing while everyone else eat and discusses the food she’s not eating? Girl is insane.”