Woman refuses to straighten her hair for her friend’s wedding

Woman questions whether she was wrong after refusing to straighten hair for friend’s wedding   (Getty Images)
Woman questions whether she was wrong after refusing to straighten hair for friend’s wedding (Getty Images)

A woman has questioned whether she was in the wrong after she defied a bride’s wishes by keeping her hair curly.

Whether it’s a dress code or a drink limit, weddings tend to come with their own set of rules to follow a certain aesthetic or ensure the event goes smoothly. In this case, one wedding required all guests to show up with straight hair.

Taking to Reddit’s popular confession forum, Am I The A**hole, a candid woman questioned whether she was in the wrong for not abiding by her cousin’s hairstyle rule. The 24-year-old started by explaining that the “straightened hair” rule came from her cousin’s 25-year-old partner. His now-wife wanted everyone who didn’t have natural curly or wavy locks to forget their usual hairdo and straighten everything out.

Oddly enough, the bride has been working for a hair brand that specializes in protecting and enhancing natural curls.

“She’s gotten into the brand overtime and often wears her hair curly, and wants everyone else to not make the same mistake she did by straightening it and ruining her curls for a period of time,” the Reddit user admitted.

Her cousin and her recently became close. Every time she saw him growing up, she had her hair straight “by convenience”. But when it came time for his wedding, the Reddit writer decided to keep it curly. However, she wrote that her cousin and his wife had no idea her natural hair wasn’t straight.

“When I showed up to the wedding with my naturally curly hair, his wife went ballistic [and] said that only people with naturally curly hair were supposed to keep their hair curled. She claims I’ve never had curly hair,” the original poster confessed.

She continued: “I tried to tell her the calmest way possible that [that is] simply not true and I would rarely wear my hair naturally. But followed the rules for the wedding.”

The bride didn’t believe she was telling the truth, according to the post. Instead, her cousin’s partner assumed the Reddit user was trying to “ruin” the wedding by making a mockery of the rule. Unfortunately, her cousin thought she was lying too.

“As a present I bought them a very nice TV for their new house,” the Redditor went on to say. “I ended up getting kicked out for not following ‘dress code’ on my way out so I grabbed my TV and left. Once my cousin figured out it was the TV he and his wife had been wanting, he tried to convince her to let me back in.”

When the bride caught wind of what was at stake, she apologized to the writer and told her she “believed” her, according to the Reddit post. The Reddit user said the apology encouraged her to return to the party. However, once she’d returned, she said she was again judged for her hair choice.

“Halfway through the night one of her bridesmaids poured water on my head to see if my hair would straighten when it didn’t and I was sopping wet and my $400 dress. I picked up my TV and left,” she said.

Since then, the woman said her cousin and his wife have been badgering her, arguing she shouldn’t have left and taken the TV – but readers disagreed.

Woman defended after refusing to straighten her hair for a wedding (Getty Images)
Woman defended after refusing to straighten her hair for a wedding (Getty Images)

The overwhelming majority of Reddit readers thought the cousin and his wife were completely in the wrong.

“You get called a liar for following an asinine wedding rule. They wanted you back for the gift,” one person proclaimed. “You were harassed, assaulted and had your dress wet so they could try to prove you were lying. In no way shape or form are you an a**hole.”

Another added: “Enjoy your new TV set. Send them a bill for cleaning your dress and tell them if they give you any crap, you’ll press charges against the bridemaid.”

“Being concerned whether a wedding guest’s curls were natural or not is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard,” a third argued. “Going so far as to have a bridesmaid pour water in a guest to determine if the curls were natural or not is unhinged.”