Woman Shows What 60-Lb. Weight Gain During Pregnancy Looks Like in Before and After Photos (Exclusive)

On Aug. 26 Jenna Chipps learned she was expecting her first baby

<p>Courtesy Jenna Chipps</p>  Woman documents pregnancy weight gain.

Courtesy Jenna Chipps

Woman documents pregnancy weight gain.

When Jenna Chipps discovered she was pregnant, her doctors informed her that she would gain some weight.

The 29-year-old Florida resident received the exciting news that she and her husband Jeremy, also 29, were expecting on Aug. 26 while backpacking abroad. Over the past two years, the couple has been living abroad, sharing their journey on TikTok.

From the start of their viral fame, the couple pledged authenticity and honesty with their followers. Therefore, after Jenna became pregnant and they returned to the United States, she began sharing about her pregnancy journey and the changes in her body.

"I was told that I would gain 25-35 pounds during my pregnancy, but I quickly surpassed that expectation and gained 60 pounds," Jenna tells PEOPLE exclusively.

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<p>Courtesy Jenna Chipps</p> Jenna Chipps gained 60 lbs throughout her pregnancy.

Courtesy Jenna Chipps

Jenna Chipps gained 60 lbs throughout her pregnancy.

Recently, Jenna posted a video on TikTok showing her body before getting pregnant and then in her third trimester. She thought that people would find it interesting to see her body before and after. Never did she think the video would go viral and garner over 1.4 million likes.

"We kept watching the view count rise and rise and couldn't believe it," Jenna, who's excited to be a first-time mom, adds. "It’s been a mixture of comments. A ton of comments about how relatable it is, how candid I am, and how honest I was."

"Other comments were not so nice. Lots of comments about how aged I look, how tired and beat up I look, how they never wanna get pregnant because of me, and just general comments about my body," she adds. "But I noticed a lot of people standing up for me in the comment section saying, 'This is pregnancy, leave her alone.' "

The content creator adds how her husband has been an "absolute champion" throughout this journey.

"I hope people realize that as much as you prepare for pregnancy, you never know what might happen and to not be so hard on yourself," Jenna says. "I 'made fun' of myself in the video about how naive I was! Moral of the story: embrace it and laugh about it."

"I have learned every body is different. Every time I look back at photos or videos, I’m genuinely SHOCKED!"

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