Women Revealed The Worst Things Men Have Ever Said To Them While On A Date, And I'm About To Start Breathing Fire

We asked women of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing a man has ever said to them on a date. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of women came forward to share their nightmare date stories. Here's what they revealed:

1."I told him I couldn't go out because I felt sick and had a sore throat. Mind you, we had gone on zero dates and were just 'talking.' He responded that maybe a teaspoon of his 'good seed' would cure whatever was ailing me."


2."He asked me where I'd been the last few weeks. He then mentioned that he'd been walking past my house a few times a week and checked for my car out front, but he noticed it was gone a lot. This, plus a few other creepy things he said, made me afraid to be at home. I definitely considered moving."


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3."He grabbed my arm, led me away mid-convo with his friends, and said, 'You talk too much.' While not inaccurate, in this situation, I was just chatting and laughing with folks HE introduced me to. I used the momentum from him pulling me to go straight to my car. I never spoke to him again. I guess I'm not so chatty now, am I?"


4."He said his sister gets jealous of the women he dates because 'they're always prettier than her.' That one statement left me with so many questions that I most certainly didn't want to have answered. Goodbye."


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5."Over dinner, he looked at me and said, 'You know, you would be a knockout if you were to lose 30 pounds or so.' Sadly, I continued to date him! Then I grew up!"


6."This was our first date, and it came after texting and talking about how he wants a relationship, not just to fool around. Ten minutes after we sat down to dinner, he said, 'I can't wait to see what's under that dress when we get back.' I told him I wasn't ready; I wanted to know him a bit and work toward a relationship like he had wanted. He looked disappointed and left. He literally got up and walked out, leaving me at the restaurant with our two meals on the way and the bill. I finished his drink and mine, then paid for an Uber back to my house 40 minutes away. He then pulled the same crap — same lines and everything — with my coworker."


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7."'You don't look like your pics, but I can help you with that.' Just WTF?! Also, 'You remind me a lot of my ex.' He then talked about and simped over her for an obnoxious amount of time. Finally, 'Have you ever thought about being an escort?'"


8."After I cautioned him about speeding, he said, 'I wouldn't mind having a crash so I could roll around on the road bank with you.' First and last date."


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9."I went on a first and only date with this guy a few years ago! It was going great until he poked my belly and giggled! I was so pissed that I left and stuck him with the check!"


10."He tried to tell me I should get rid of my cat because he doesn't like them. It was a hookup, bro. No man is more impressive than my cats."


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11."During dinner on our first date, he informed me that he could never really date me because my thighs touched. I grabbed my purse and left. I did cry on the way home, though."


12."'I can't see myself marrying you.' Who said anything about marriage? We were 19. Let's just bang. Bro had to drag marriage talk into it?"


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13."I went on a date in my mid-20s, and everything was going amazing. He was kind, opened the door for me, and we had an awesome conversation! He wasn't just talking about himself; he kept asking about me, my family, my childhood, etc. Halfway into the date, he said, 'Let's talk fetishes. Did you have one growing up, or do you have one now?' I was kind of thrown off and said I hadn't ever thought too much about it. He asked, 'Have you ever thought about being an adult baby? Or, have you ever thought about changing and feeding one?' In complete discomfort, I said, 'No, I haven't.' He said, 'I love it when a woman does it to me!' and invited me back to his place after dinner. I excused myself to the restroom and left!"


14."Within the first half hour of the date, he said, 'I'd pay for you to get a boob job.' I replied, 'Buddy, you aren't even going to pay for my dinner.'"


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15."I went on a first date with a guy who said, 'You got a tight little ass?' He wanted me to spin around so he could see. That was my first date at 20 years old. I'm now 26 and haven't been on another date. I couldn't be happier!"


16."I went out with a guy who said I peed too much. I have interstitial cystitis, so I legitimately have to pee multiple times an hour, on occasion. It really pissed him off, apparently. What a guy."


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17."I told him I had been assaulted once, and he said, 'I can see why. You are very attractive.' I immediately got up and left."


18."This was probably close to 20 years ago, but I had a long-distance relationship with a guy I met in a chatroom. We had been talking for two years when I flew to his state to meet up with him. I was around 19 or 20, and he was in his late 20s. We had exchanged pictures before, but he said my ears looked different in person. He would not expand on that comment, so I have no idea if that was good or bad. He also told me that I had 'childbearing hips,' and he was excited because 'giving birth will be so easy for me.' He wanted at least five kids and wanted to start immediately. I blocked him the minute I got home."


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19."'You'd be pretty if you got a nose job and fixed your acne.' This was from a man, like, five leagues below me. Insecurity makes people a-holes."


20."It wasn't something he said, but at the restaurant, he lightly slapped me in the face with a flour tortilla. I don't know if he was trying to be cute or funny or something, but I laughed it off awkwardly. There was not a second date, though."


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21."'The #MeToo movement has gone too far.'"


22."I went on a Bumble date with a guy who obviously saw my pics showing that I had tattoos and was an active duty officer in the Navy. Once we met, he stated he didn't like girls with tattoos but would see how this went. After about 15 minutes of small talk back and forth, he told me I was 'too alpha and dominant' and that he preferred women to be submissive. I said okay, got up, and went home."


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23."He was kinda kinky (which is fine; I am, too), but then talked about what his ex liked during sex. It was the first date."


24."I met a guy on a dating app. Our phone conversations were amazing; they just flowed like we'd known each other forever. So, we decided to meet. We greeted each other, sat down, ordered drinks, and made some small talk. Then, he said, 'You have small teeth.' After that, it was all I could think about, and I became very self-conscious. Dinner was uncomfortable. We never saw each other again."


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25."'Can I suck your teeth?' I never saw him again."


26."I shouldn't have ignored this red flag on a first date. He said, 'I used to lie a lot, and I think I'm pretty good at it.'"


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27."It was a first date, and he could not stop talking about my 'Pixar mom bum.' My 'dump truck ass.' Yes, I do have a large waist-to-bum ratio. I will happily joke about it, but it felt wildly inappropriate for him to go on and on about it during our first meeting. He said he was wild for it and that I would have a ton of hits if I posted it on my dating profile. Cool, yeah, that's why I don't post it. I'm looking for a real soul connection, not to flaunt my body. Let's just say there wasn't a second date."


28.“'You’re not very bright, are you?'"


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29."We previously worked together on a common project (for his demo). I was playing piano and sang a lot at the time. I helped many friends brainstorm/create sounds and was on various little projects. In his project, I just did some back vocals. We met again later the same year, during a small gathering with connections we had in common, and hit it off. It was only our second date, and I don't remember how it came up, but in the spur of the moment, I told him I had an upcoming representation I was organizing with two friends. I felt so excited to be on the stage soon, and he said, 'I don't want to burst your bubble, but you're always going to stay my tiny back vocalist only.' I was shocked, I did not retaliate, and the date ended soon after this, but I kept thinking all night (and days after!), 'What a selfish jerk!' I stopped answering right there and never saw him again."


30."I lived in DC and matched with a guy from Richmond, Virginia, about two hours away, because he was picking up a friend from the airport in the area. We chatted for a few weeks and decided to meet in DC. He said he would be taking his friend back to the airport. We arranged to meet at 6:30 p.m. at a restaurant. When we sat at the bar and looked over the menu, he said, 'You aren't going to order dinner, are you?' I was a little taken aback but just went with it and said I didn't need to. I thought, 'Oh boy. Let's see how this one goes.' He then told me during the date that he only met up with me to break up his drive back from the airport! He said it like it was a totally normal thing to say! It was a waste of time. Needless to say, there was no second date even though he reached out again about a week later. What, going to the airport again??"


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31."He said I laughed like a pig."


32."I went out with the best friend of my best friend's boyfriend. It was a favor for her so we could all hang out. He was not exactly my type, but I agreed to go and enjoy myself. Within moments of our date, he said to me, 'You'd be a goddess if you lost 10 pounds.' I couldn't agree more! That 10 pounds was the short loser I shouldn't have agreed to go out with in the first place! I swear some people really have some nerve!!"


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33."I went on a first date with a guy, and we were supposed to grab a beer. When I met him, he said, 'Let's go to a park instead.' It was a sunny day, so I said sure. When we were sitting in the sun, my date said, 'You have chicken skin!' in a disgusted tone. I was never self-conscious about my keratosis pilaris until this date. There was no second date."


34."We talked for weeks. The first date was amazing. On the second date, he called me a different name. My name is Gabrielle, but he called me Brenda. I asked who Brenda was, and he said, 'You. It's your name.' I looked at him, and he picked up his phone to confirm the person he was talking to. He went home, and he blocked me. At least [he] got my name right doing so."


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35."This was a poor pickup line: 'Sorry, you're really pretty. Are you albino?' For context, I'm biracial with dark red hair and brown eyes. My guy..."


36."Worst date/best story. I met a guy at a coffee shop with a friend and hit it off. He was cute and funny, and I enjoyed talking to him. I gave him my number, and we met a week later. He insisted on taking me to a particular restaurant, saying he wanted to wine and dine me. Once we sat down, he made a point of telling me he had jerked off beforehand so he wouldn't be too horny. Red flag #1. He then proceeded to talk to my breasts, saying, 'I'm sorry, but they are right there!' I was not even wearing a low-cut shirt. Red flag #2."

"This was the general tone of the rest of the meal. He kept speaking to my body parts instead of me. Toward the end of the meal, the check came, and he loudly asked for separate checks, saying, 'Well, I hardly know you!' Dude, you haven't looked me in the eye once! No second date, of course, but he messaged me about 11 months later with pics of his new baby, telling me I should be jealous because it could've been our baby. Bullet dodged!"


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37."I went on a date with a guy not of the same ethnicity as myself, and he disclosed to me, 'I would never have a child out of my race. I don't believe in mixed children.' I never asked or inquired. This was our first date, and he knew my ethnicity beforehand."


38."'I don't need your phone number and don't order a pricy meal because we are going Dutch. I'm not hungry and will just have coffee, then I'm out of here.'"


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39.And: "'You are so, so nice. Like, really great. I am only saying this in case you don't know, in hopes that it will help you. You are fat. I really like you, but you would have to lose a lot of weight for me to get involved. I don't want to be friends either because I would have to look at you.'"


I'm about to start breaking things. Oh my GOD. What's the most outrageous thing a man has ever said or done on a date with you? Tell us in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.