Are women who wear red more attractive?

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It’s no secret that certain colours are more flattering than others – for some, green brings out their eyes, while yellow can make them look more tan. But have you ever had someone approach you because of the colour you’re wearing?

While we all have a favourite colour – and some of us dress according to our mood – one relationship writer from the U.K. conducted research surrounding the colour of attraction. Hayley Quinn, a 30-year-old dating advice blogger, decided to spend a half an hour exploring an East London neighbourhood in a red jacket – a colour that supposedly attracts male attention.

After 30 minutes of walking around, Quinn was approached by five men, compared to the day before when no one approached her while she was wearing a different colour. She also documented the experience on her YouTube channel.

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“I came up with the idea for the social experiment after hearing loads of stories about how red makes you more attractive… I discovered that there is lots of scientific evidence that says wearing red can make you more approachable and that it is suggestive of sexual attraction and arousal,” she said.

Quinn’s YouTube channel provides dating and relationship advice to her followers, sharing tips and tricks when it comes to meeting people. She admits that living in a big city like London, it can sometimes be even more difficult to meet new people.

“Like many women, I hardly ever get approached by men at all and I think particularly in England there is a stereotype that British men will just not approach women. We’re a culture that is really into privacy and not interrupting people,” admitted Quinn. “It also doesn’t help that the standard London dress code is usually black or grey. It can sometimes feel like you’re just fading into the background. When you live in a big city, no one wants makes contact with each other, and it can feel really isolating and hard to meet anyone.”

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The video shows a few men commenting on her appearance and one man giving her a hug, but she is quick to defend her suitors, insisting she was inviting the attention.

“I was really putting myself out there and deliberately courting the attention, so I never felt harassed, uncomfortable or intimidated in the slightest… I was really impressed with how well the experiment went,” she said. “I’ve walked down the same streets a million times wearing different colours and I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

Quinn admitted that while wearing the colour red helps, she believes physical attraction is dependent on a lot more than appearance alone.

“There are so many elements of attraction other than just physical beauty… body language and movement, conversation skills and personal style all play a huge role.”

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