Ali Manno says 'social media is all angles' in body positive post

The former "Bachelorette" star said that "what we see in others at any given moment is not the whole picture."

Ali Manno is proving the power of angles.

Recently, the former "Bachelorette" star shared a body-positive Instagram Reel, reminding her more than 946,000 followers to be kind to themselves and avoid comparing themselves to what they see on social media.

In the makeup-free video, the 38-year-old mom-of-two posed in a blue sports bra and black leggings, explaining that "social media is all angles."

"Look at how fit I am — I mean, I feel like I actually am pretty fit," she said before adjusting her camera angle and posture to showcase her stomach. "Don't be hard on yourself."

"Let’s not be so hard on ourselves," she doubled down in the caption. "What we see in others at any given moment is not the whole picture — both mentally and physically. So be kind to yourself and others."

Fans met Manno's Instagram Reel with supportive comments, thanking her for "keeping it real."

"I love how you are always real, honest, open and genuine," one person commented.

"Such a true message! Filters and social media can make us so hard on ourselves, but transparency and honesty are what help!" another added. "Thanks for being a bright light"

"Thank you for being so real and transparent with us. I really needed this tonight," someone else wrote.

"Thank you for keeping it real!" a fan shared.

Last year, fans applauded Manno for celebrating her postpartum "mom pooch" in another body-positive Instagram clip.

"I’ve never been stronger and felt more proud of how I’m taking care of my body so that I can be as strong and healthy as possible for myself and for my family," she penned.

“I still have my belly rolls! And my body is amazing with or without them,” Manno added. “So be kind to yourself. That body of yours is why you are living and breathing today…so I’d say it’s pretty dang great!”

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