Alicia Mccarvell on the 'uncomfortable' comments she receives while working out

The Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a body positive message about working out.

Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about relationships on Instagram. (Photo via instagram/aliciamccarvell)
Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about working out on Instagram. (Photo via instagram/aliciamccarvell)

Alicia Mccarvell is back with another inspirational reminder.

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a body positive message about working out with her 920,000 followers.

In the post, the TikTok star shared a video of her frowning at the camera while the words "moving my body to lose weight, punish myself, make up for food," appeared on the screen.

She changed her sad expression to a smile when the phrase "moving my body to show my body love" arose.

In the caption, the 33-year-old began by opening up about the "reasons to move your body."

"There are hundreds of reasons to move your body, let’s make sure you’re choosing your why out of love, and not out of hate," she penned.

The self-love advocate went on to explain that she stopped posting videos of her working out because she lost self-confidence, she was tired of people commenting on her body, and "life just got in the way."

However, Mccarvell shared that she wants to start posting fitness videos again, but is worried about what people will say.

"I get so many comments about my body when I post these videos, and sometimes I’m not in the right headspace to absorb them. I am working on navigating that and have decided to simply delete the comments that make me feel uncomfortable," the content creator said.

In particular, comments such as "I think you’re getting bigger," or "why work out if nothing is going to change," bother her.

"I know not all of these come from a place of malice but, navigating thousands of them is overwhelming," she added.

Mccarvell also got candid about misconceptions people have about her body, and why it's important to move your body in a way that's right for you.

"A very common misconception I receive as a fat person in the gym is that I don’t know what I’m doing, or that I should be doing things that focus on weight loss," she wrote. "It’s so important to realize that there are so many reasons to move, that don’t lead to these gigantic transformations, and all of those reasons are valid and important too."

"However you choose to move your body is valid, I’m just here to make sure that the reason you are is out of love!" McCarvell concluded.

In the comments, fans praised the influencer for being vulnerable about such a personal topic.

"Moving my body is about my mental health. It really has zero to do with my physical body. Love this message," commented a follower.

"I personally love everything you are and what you are doing and how you inspire," shared another.

"This is so important! Yes! We need to remove the stigma and just let everyone live life," said someone else.

"You're helping to make me and my body feel valued," wrote a fan.

In October, the social media star opened up about the use of the word "fat" on Instagram.

In the post, she clarified how "we can be respectful of peoples struggles with their bodies" while still changing the narrative around the the word "fat."

"It’s important to empathize with those who use the word 'fat' in a negative way because it’s what they’ve been taught..." she explained. "I used to struggle when my thin friends would describe themselves that way around me, and that’s valid — but what is also valid is their struggles with their body, and their experience."

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