'We often are the first ones to hate on ourselves': Influencer opens up about body image

Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna shared a self-confident fitness post on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)
Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna opened up about loving your body on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)

Kenzie Brenna want you to learn to love yourself — flaws and all.

On Monday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a body positive message with her 383,000 followers.

In the post, Brenna posed in a light blue underwear and bra set with her back turned to the camera.

In the caption, the self love advocate got real about why we compare ourselves to others, and how we often self-sabotage.

"We often are the first ones to hate on ourselves. We look in the mirror and pick over every piece of our body and find every single thing about us that doesn’t fit in," she penned. "We compare ourselves to pretty fantasy photos on the internet, to girls and people who don’t even look how they do online."

The Vancouver-based content creator listed some things many people don't like about their bodies, and things that often define our self worth — even though it shouldn't.

"Too bumpy, too fat, too dark, too crooked, too weird, too hairy, too long, too small," she said. "And we think that these are the things that define our hearts and souls. That for someone reason if we’re not beautiful enough then we don’t get access to life in the same way the beautiful ones do."

Brenna went on to explain that although "beauty privilege is definitely real," you are beautiful and valuable no matter what you look like.

"I’m not here to shy away from the fact that beauty privilege is definitely real and that beauty is valuable to humans...," she wrote. "I think that you are already beautiful even if you don’t fit in. If your inner thighs are dark. If your arms are big. If you have stretch marks and loose skin. If your boobs are different sizes. If you don’t like the look of your downstairs."

The body positive advocate ended her caption with an inspiring message about loving yourself.

"If only you could see yourself the way we all do. You’re an absolute piece of art and i hope you see that for yourself one day," she concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Brenna for her "authentic" posts.

"Kenzie you are such a beautiful human inside and out. I just love following you and reading your words. They always hit home," commented a follower.

"Love this message," shared someone else.

"You make me love myself more everyday! Thank you for being so authentic and gorgeous!" wrote a fan.

In September, Brenna shared another self love message to Instagram, this time in a video format.

In her speech, the influencer, who has opened up about beauty and body standards in the past, gave fans her hot take: "self love has no weight limit."

"It’s almost like, body shaming at any point in time serves no purpose!" she wrote in the caption.

The influencer added that we should be "kind" to people at all times because you never know what hardships or struggles people are going through.

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