Canadian influencer opens up about her 'healing' journey: 'Is there an end point?'

Christine Laraine is getting real about emotional healing.

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a "powerful" message with her 42,000 followers.

In the caption, she pointed out that while "healing is not linear," many feel like there needs to be an end to the healing process.

"Sometimes I think to myself, when will I get better? When will I finally be healed so I can move on and really live?" she asked. "But a pattern I am seeing is that nothing is ever that simple. Nothing on this earth is so black and white."

Laraine suggested that maybe there's no definitive end to healing. "Life itself is not linear, and so having this end goal of being healed feels a bit off to me," she penned.

"Maybe being healed is not essentially being free from it all full stop, but where we have found a steady constant state of motion," the social media star continued. "...I don't think there is a finish line. ⁣I think we just keep beginning.⁣"

Laraine's post was met with supportive messages from fans who thanked her for the reminder.

"This is very powerful," a follower commented.

Another wrote: "Thank you for sharing this! It's a really powerful reminder. Healing is not linear, life is not linear — time isn't even linear...We learn, we accept, and we move on. Our scars are what make us human, and shouldn't be something we try to erase."

"Beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing this!" a fan commented, while another penned: "Wonderful words."

Earlier this month, the body positive advocate shared an honest message about not allowing her "insecurities" to stop her from trying a new activity.

"Golf has never felt like a sport for my body type. Or at least I have never had the confidence or felt I could look the part," the Vancouver-based influencer wrote after revealing she played her first golf game.

"...For some reason, I thought that when I put on the golf clothes, I would magically appear like how I envisioned," the social media star went on. "At the start of golf, I felt very concerned about my cellulite being visible, or how my legs jiggled when I moved."

Despite this, she "had a really fun day" and was happy that she "still went."

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