Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry praised for showing 'real bodies' online: 'I need to see images like this'

The 39-year-old shared new side-by-side photos of her her body reminding followers that "confidence is a resistance" to societal pressures to look a certain way.

Sarah Nicole Landry champions body acceptance online. (Image via Getty Images)
Sarah Nicole Landry champions body acceptance online. (Image via Getty Images)

Sarah Nicole Landry is championing body positivity with a new set of side-by-side photos celebrating her body. On Sunday, the Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, shared a side-by-side comparison of how her body appears when wearing leggings versus her natural curves. Landry penned a powerful caption reminding her followers of the ongoing fight for body acceptance against societal standards and self-doubt.

"Confidence is a resistance. Not a mastering. Not an absence of negative thoughts. A resistance. A showing up. A defiance against our own minds, at times. A step forward, when so much tells you to be still and stay put. A resistance," the 39-year-old mother-of-four explained.

Fans flooded the comments with messages of support and gratitude for Landry's transparency and advocacy.

Canadian content creator Kelsey Melenson chimed in writing, "This! The negative thoughts don't disappear we just choose not to listen to them anymore."

"Images like this are actively healing the female collective. Thank you," influencer Jayde Howard commented.

"I cannot emphasize this enough: I need to see images like this. I need to. We need to. Seeing real bodies allows me to see mine and not feel wildly different from everyone else. Thank you for bringing women together, reminding us that we are just like each other while also being uniquely individual. I am so thankful for you," an Instagram user shared.

"You showing us your tummy has made me so much more comfortable with mine. The postpartum changes were a lot to deal with," a fan added.

"You make me feel so accepted and seen. When I see your body I always think about how beautiful you are. And I realize my body looks like that too so I must be beautiful as well. You have a way of being such a huge inspiration for so many young women and women in general. You are someone that I will never forget! Thank you for being you!," wrote another commenter.

"Amazing to show both! It makes us all feel it’s okay to be real," someone said.

Last month, Landry shared another honest glimpse of how different her body can look just five minutes apart with her Instagram followers. She paired the post with on-screen text explaining that despite the differences in the photos, "Nothing about me changed."

"I'm just more relaxed in one and like, that's allowed," she noted, encouraging her followers to embrace their natural states. "Feel free to delete the pics, but don't stop living, breathing, relaxing. You're not a statue."

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