I tried the Casper mattress with more than 19,000 customer ratings - here's my honest review

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Images via Casper.
Images via Casper.

Investing in a comfortable mattress is one of the best things you can do for your body. Studies have shown that sleep quality, quantity as well as brain and body recovery significantly improve after a new mattress is purchased. However, just like a couch, a mattress can be one of the most expensive purchases you can make for your home, making any opportunity to save one that can’t be missed.

Within the past five years, mattresses in a box have become an increasingly popular option in the world of sleep systems. Brands like Casper have developed a massive consumer following thanks to their innovative design and competitive pricing, and their easy shipment and set-up has been a welcomed reprieve from the struggle of navigating staircases and elevators.

The Original Casper Mattress.
The Original Casper Mattress.

Casper is celebrating Canada Day by offering 10% off their entire site until July 6, making now the perfect time to buy everything from mattresses and bedding to pillows and even dog beds.

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If you’re looking for more information about Casper before you make the purchase? I’ve been sleeping on a Casper mattress for a little over a year and can attest that while I was initially skeptical of a boxed-mattress, I’m now a convert. I’m sharing my honest review of the Original Casper mattress with Yahoo Canada readers below.

What is it?

With four different styles to choose from, Casper has created mattresses from sustainable materials that provide cooling comfort and support at every price point.

The Original Mattress

The Original Casper Mattress
The Original Casper Mattress

SHOP IT: from $806 CAD (Originally, $895)

The Original mattress features two different layers of foam support on a durable base designed to provide the ultimate good night’s sleep: a layer of memory foam with three targeted, ergonomic support zones to provide optimal spine alignment and back support and a layer of perforated, breathable foam that helps relieve pressure while keeping you cool at night. While the Original mattress itself is an all foam mattress that retails from $895, a hybrid version of the mattress is available, with springs for added lift (from $1,095). All models of Casper mattresses boast an impressive 10 year warranty and 100 day risk-free trial.

First Impressions

My boyfriend and I ordered a queen size Original mattress (without springs) after years of sleeping on a traditional, pillow-top mattress with a bulky box spring. Initially I was hesitant to make the switch to a bed-in-a-box style, mainly because I was worried the foam mattress would be too soft for my liking. However, the idea of not having to scratch my walls and awkwardly maneuver a Queen size mattress up our staircase was too appealing to pass up.

The mattress was delivered directly to our door and I arrived home from work one day to find the mattress already set up in our bedroom. Although heavy, my boyfriend was able to carry the box up the stairs himself and set up the mattress quickly and easily. The mattress comes with a detachable mattress cover that’s machine washable, and although slightly slimmer than our previous mattress, was still fairly thick and plush right out of the box.

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Since he likes mattresses that are soft and I like mattresses that are firm, the Casper Original has been a Goldilocks-type compromise for both of our sleep styles. It took me a few nights to get used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but my boyfriend noticed a difference in sleep quality right away. After a few back injuries and a history of sciatic nerve pain, he’s stopped waking up throughout the night and has stopped sleeping with a pillow between his knees.

What others are saying

The Casper Original has received a solid 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on more than 19,000 customer reviews. Like my boyfriend, many people have credited the Original mattress with helping alleviate their back pain, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

“Both my boyfriend and I have back problems. I was waking up every day with intense hip pain from our old mattress,” one customer wrote about their purchase. “After the first night on the Casper, I woke up with no hip pain, much leas back pain...This mattress is awesome. We are both sleeping better and waking up with way less pain.”

Image via Casper.
Image via Casper.

Aside from providing superior support, other customers have noticed their mattress has helped them avoid pesky night sweats.

“I enjoyed not having to go store to store shopping for a mattress. Receiving it in a box at my door was a big bonus. Unboxing it was easy and hassle free,” another said. “From the first sleep on my Casper mattress I slept better & deeper. Also according to my smart watch I am getting more REM sleep. I get hot when I sleep and frequently sweat when I sleep but since receiving my new mattress I haven't had that problem.”


Despite my initial concerns, I’m happy that we made the switch to a Casper mattress. After moving earlier this year, we’ve decided to purchase a second Casper mattress for our master bedroom, this time in a king size. Our new home has more stairs and even more awkward angles - making it a no-brainer that we would go the bed-in-a-box route once again.

Casper has models like the Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid which provide even more layers of foam and back support for - and although pricey, the Canada Day sale offers the perfect opportunity to invest in healthier sleep and save.

If you’re looking to snap one up, hurry — their current promotion ends July 6.

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