Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey opens up about rethinking 'failures'

Cheryl Hickey shared an inspirational message on Instagram, writing how she wants to rethink how she views her failures. (Photo via Getty Images)
Cheryl Hickey shared an inspirational message on Instagram, writing how she wants to rethink how she views her failures. (Photo via Getty Images)

Cheryl Hickey is getting candid about overcoming failure.

On Monday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a selfie paired with an inspirational message about learning to treat her failures as a "gift," urging her fans to do the same.

"Monday motivation," she penned as the start to her cation to her more than 92,000 followers. "I have failed many times. That’s what I used to call those things that happened that were not in my plans or dreams."

Hickey explained that facing rejection repeatedly made her feel as though she was failing.

"I had way more 'nos' and 'you're not it,' or 'you're not what we are looking for.' I have had big plans flop, and flop hard in front of everyone," she wrote, adding, "I really thought these failures meant that I failed."

It took the 46-year-old "so many years to understand" that her perceived failures "were such a gift" and that without them, she wouldn't be where she is today.

"I wouldn’t be here in this place," she shared. "So if you're licking your wounds because of a failure, try today to change how you feel about them. You are in control of that, how you feel. You get to choose how you feel about it and that is the ultimate win!"

Hickey's post was met with supportive messages from fans, along with praise for her motivation.

"Thank you for the much-needed inspiration. I needed to read this today!" one Instagram user replied to the post, while another fan added, "I love this and could totally relate. Looking back in retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks for sharing."

"Very well said," another wrote.

One fan chimed in: "Love this and couldn’t agree more. If I stopped every time I was scared I wouldn’t have grown or done half the things I have accomplished. Never be afraid to try because that’s when magic happens."

"Major inspiration! And you’re right, that is the ultimate win," commented another.

Last week, the TV personality shared another motivational message with her followers about how putting herself first allows her to show up as the best version of herself for her family.

"In order to be there for others, it’s important, especially as women, mothers and caregivers, that we take care of ourselves first, so that we feel and look our best to take on whatever life throws at us," she wrote.

For Hickey, making time for herself means exercising, eating healthy meals, taking care of her skin, spending time with her friends, meditating or reading.

"For me, that’s taking the time to get my steps in, taking time to prep a healthy meal, time with my friends, and taking care of my skin with treatments like [Ultherapy], or just reading a book or meditating. What do you do to take care of yourself first?" she concluded.

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