Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey pens touching tribute to healthcare workers

Cheryl Hickey is giving thanks.

On Friday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a photo alongside a message that thanked hospital staff for wearing COVID-protective gear.

On the right side of the photo, Hickey shared a snap of herself posing in a white vest. She wore her long blonde locks in beachy waves paired with matte pink lipstick.

On the left side of the image, the mother-of-two posted a photo of her sister, Michelle, dressed up in goggles, a mask, and a protective yellow hospital gown. Michelle is one of the thousands of healthcare employees working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the caption, the TV presenter honoured the hospital staff who don't get to wear outfits of their choosing.

"This fashion Friday I want to highlight all the long-term care nurses, doctors, and all healthcare staff," she penned to her 93,000 followers. "When we all get to wear the work clothes of our choice, these dedicated people are double and triple wrapped in plastic and cloth, sweating, making it happen."

Hickey also pointed out that wearing masks, glasses and shields can cause physical discomfort.

"Tension headaches from the masks, marks from the glasses, and shields on their foreheads. Perspective is everything," she wrote before acknowledging the privilege she has of dressing fashionably for work.

"While the glitz and the glam of TIFF and CCMAs are exciting, remembering the people out there who are still pushing for our seniors and people who are sick is important," she said.

Hickey added that she is often reminded of the "reality of our healthcare system" and realizes "how lucky we are."

"So today, on this fashion Friday, I say thank you for the warm eyes behind all the protective gear. Those eyes are the best OOTD there is," she concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Hickey for shedding light on the working conditions of those in healthcare.

"I love you for posting this. Shows exactly what kind of person you are," one fan commented, while another wrote, "beautiful and poignant post."

"Nurse here. Thank you, Cheryl, for acknowledging us! Not easy for sure!" someone chimed in.

"As an ICU nurse who worked through the pandemic and is still working and dressing like this, I thank you for posting this," someone else shared.

"Thank you, Cheryl," wrote another. "I appreciate this post. Us healthcare workers are battling at full force through these times. The short staff and the added pandemic have really kicked our butts. We are warriors, and we won’t stop until the victory is ours. Some of these scars from masks/goggles might stay permanently with us but it’s a great token of pride."

Another person added: "Great message and great reminder! Thank you to all the healthcare heroes who are enduring the fight that never ends."

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