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corkscrew position
How to do the corkscrew positionHearst Owned

You might be a master cowgirl. You've done it in doggy. You might have even piloted the helicopter. If you're looking for a new challenge to put a new twist on your sex life, may we introduce you to the corkscrew?

“The name may sound acrobatic, but the corkscrew is actually a relatively low-energy position that is like a cross between missionary and spooning positions,” explains Alice Child, a certified sexologist and sex educator.

How to do the corkscrew position

The penetrating partner starts by kneeling above the receiving partner, who is laying on their back, and straddles one of their legs. The bottom partner can then wrap both their legs around the top partner's waist, or keep the bottom leg stretched out. Whichever is more comfortable for you!

Similar to missionary, one partner is lying down, and the penetrating partner is kneeling upright between their legs,” explains Child, “The main difference is that instead of the penetrating partner remaining in between the bottom partner's open legs, both people's legs become intertwined together; the person being penetrated is sort of hugging one of their partner's leg between their thighs.”

“You can then thrust, grind, and circle your hips together, and both your hands are free to explore other erogenous zones such as the hips, nipples and clitoris,” says Child.

Benefits of the corkscrew position

There are plenty of benefits to the corkscrew position, namely that it's a great opportunity to switch up giving and receiving. The corkscrew is a great position for strap-on sex and if you want to try pegging for the first time. It’s also ideal for people with mobility issues because you can stay flat on your back or with your hips or back propped up by a pillow or sex wedge.

“It is great for lazy, intimate sex and has many of the same benefits of missionary, for example, deep penetration, eye contact, a deep sense of intimacy, and easy access to the clitoris,” says Child.

She continues: “Because the angle of penetration is different from both missionary and spooning/doggy, the sensations will feel somewhat different. Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles, depths and movements to see what works best for your bodies.”

“For example, adjusting the angle of your hips, grinding, thrusting or circling your pelvis, or changing the position of your legs. Placing pillows underneath you might also help for comfort and support.”

For an extra buzz, add a bullet vibrator or clit sucker toy into the mix for clitoral stimulation, or you can even experiment with adding a butt plug for double penetration.

Sometimes, the most effective option is the easiest and adding a slight adjustment to your usual missionary position routine could be just what you need to spice things up.

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