Danielle Graham wants to 'flip the script' on how we think about exercise

Danielle Graham is sharing a piece of fitness advice. (Photo via @daniellegraham on Instagram)
Danielle Graham is sharing a piece of fitness advice. (Photo via @daniellegraham on Instagram)

Danielle Graham wants to change the narrative on exercise.

The 42-year-old Canadian TV host posted an Instagram Reel on Tuesday of herself working out at home. In the clip, the former "Etalk" co-host showed off her strength by doing pushups and flexing her biceps, while also performing some stretches and powering through a cardio session.

In the video, the Guelph, Ont.-native added an audio that shared an inspiring message urging people to change their thinking on fitness.

"We were raised in a generation where exercise was only used to lose weight and be skinny. Let's flip the script," the audio explained.

Graham also included a motivational post to the caption, which gave fans a sneak peek into her life.

"After a week of a hell of a flu that took down the whole fam', I have never been happier to get back to eating well and movement. For most of my life, I treated exercise like a tax I had to pay for eating. And I know I'm not alone in being conditioned in such a warped way of thinking. Now I move because I can. Because I like feeling strong and seeing my little muscles. Because it clears my mind and because I know I'm modelling good habits for my girls," Graham, who shares daughters Beatrix and Marigold with husband Randall Graham, penned.

Fans showed their appreciation for Graham's words in the comments of her post, with many noting she's an inspiration for young girls.

"Absolutely," someone shared, along with three clapping hands emojis. "It's all about strength, mood and health, and a little about the 'body.'"

"You're a wonderful role model to your daughters," someone else added.

"Now say it again for the people in the back!!!" one fan chimed in, while adding three flame emojis.

"Momma looks amazing," another raved.

"Great message! So, so true!" one person wrote.

"This has been such a journey for me, too. Rewiring my thinking and getting to a place where exercise is for how it makes me feel more than how I look. I've made it a part of my routine where I want to do it because I feel better instead of look better, which is really just a surface benefit," another person explained.

Graham replied saying, "Yes!! The rewiring work is hard but so necessary. I love your perspective!!"

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