Diane Kruger called out for celebrity privilege after revealing post-baby body

Diane Kruger. Image via Getty Images.
Diane Kruger. Image via Getty Images.

Not everyone is happy about Diane Kruger’s post-baby body bounce back.

Earlier this week, the 42-year-old “National Treasure” actress proudly took to Instagram to share a photo from the gym, taken just four months after giving birth to her first child.

“Am I showing off? F-ck yeah,” Kruger captioned her workout snap. “‘Cause it’s been hard work to get my abs back. I didn’t think it was possible after having a baby. And certainly not at my age.”

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Kruger says she was inspired by popular Instagram fitness influencer Hannah Bower to get back to the gym, and said the transformation was done completely on her own.

“I don’t have a trainer, but I’ve been committed to get my body back,” she said. “For myself first…but also for my [ghost emoji]. The female body is amazing.”

While Kruger has received praise for her hard work, others are calling the star out on her celebrity privilege.

I guess it is easier to do when you have personal trainers, chefs and of course people to take care of the kid when you are at the gym,” one Yahoo user said. “It’s not as hard to look good when that is your entire life and you basically work a few months out of the year, when you feel like it that is.”

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I’d be more impressed if you accomplished your goal while dealing with my schedule,” another said of Kruger’s gym habit. “Life isn’t a vacation for most people.”

Although the “Inglourious Basterds” actress said she didn’t employ a trainer to help whip her back into shape, many where quick to point out how many new mothers don’t have the opportunity to hit the gym.

Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

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The average woman goes back to work at 6 weeks (sometimes sooner) and is at work around 9 hours a day after being up taking care of the baby through the night. She’s still responsible for housework, cooking dinner, etc. and THEN schlepping to the gym for maybe an hour. If she has other kids that are in extracurricular activities, forget it – those can last until 9 or 10 pm,” a user by the name of Crosswind wrote. “Someone like this on the other hand has little to none of that. She probably gets up with the baby at night and sleeps in once the baby goes back to sleep in the morning. She can spend literally hours at the gym each day while someone watches the baby because she has no other obligations… Can almost anyone get in shape after having a baby? With few exceptions, sure they can – but people like Diane Kruger have advantages that make it easier for them to do so.”

Others pointed out that Kruger’s job requires her to get back into fighting form, and shouldn’t be held as a standard for women to compare themselves.

“Since her body is essential to how she makes money, I understand that she has motivation to get her body back into the form most admired in our society! I get it! But most women don’t have that imperative so it’s a false comparison,” Yahoo user Ana wrote. “As for myself, I’m happier snuggling my baby than working on my abs!”

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