Doug Hehner shares how wife Jamie Otis 'saved my life' amid addiction struggles

The "Married at First Sight" star opened up in an emotional moment while recording his and his wife's podcast.

Doug Hehner is showing appreciation to wife Jamie Otis for helping him with his addiction journey. (Photo via Getty Images)
Doug Hehner is showing appreciation to wife Jamie Otis for helping him with his addiction journey. (Photo via Getty Images)

Doug Hehner is reflecting on his addiction journey.

The former "Married at First Sight" star, 39, shared a deeply personal and emotional Instagram Reel of himself speaking on his podcast "Hot Marriage Cool Parents" alongside his wife, Jamie Otis.

"My friends and family have saved my life," Hehner tearfully said in the clip before Otis added, "I'm so proud of you, Doug."

In the heartfelt caption, Hehner penned, "I was scared to admit that I was an addict, I wanted to forget that part of me. Leave it in the past and never look back."

He went on to express how Otis played a pivotal role in his recovery.

"I've learned so many things from my wife, but nothing more life-changing than her showing me that there is power and strength in sharing and admitting your 'flaws,'" he shared. "Jamie showed me that I didn't have to stay bottled up, put on a strong front and act like everything is OK. Without her support and example, I would not feel as free as I do today."

Acknowledging the isolation that often accompanies addiction, Hehner reminded his followers that opening up is essential for healing.

"Addiction is isolating," the father-of-two said. "I came to realize that hiding from your truth, holding back and not revealing who you truly are is just as isolating. That 'worried' feeling of what people would think if they found out. It only exists in your head.

"My wife showed me how to be my best self, and what it is to be true to yourself. I will never be able to thank you enough. Sometimes you don't realize how strong you are until you have someone stronger than you offering their unwavering support and encouragement to be your best self."

Fans met Hehner's "vulnerable" post with warm and supportive messages.

"You guys are an inspiration for everybody. I'm so proud of both of you. My favourite 'Married at First Sight' couple, always," one fan penned.

"I love you both so much, and the fact you are vulnerable sharing your story is helping so many people is just amazing," another added.

One commenter wrote, "So glad you are able to admit and deal with this addiction head on. It shows how strong you really are."

Otis first revealed the news of Hehner's decade-long secret struggle with addiction in July. She explained in a candid Instagram Reel that she always suspected Hehner was "hiding something."

"I didn't know exactly what though," she admitted. "I remember a time during the holidays that I was with his family and they said, 'When Doug's ready to tell you, he will.'"

She shared that it "hurt" knowing there was a secret that no one shared with her.

"It's taken us nearly a decade, but my husband told me everything. We sobbed together and I feel like we have grown more over one conversation than we have in all of our marriage," she wrote. "He is no longer hiding. He is free."

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