Glamour model wants women to stop sharing 'free nudes'

Image via Instagram/jasminshojaimodel

A glamour model who believes social media is destroying the sex industry wants women to know that “free nudes” are making paid models broke.

Jasmin Shojai, who makes a living posing nude in adult magazines, says women who post sexy pictures online without charge are tampering with her career.


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The 23-year-old told the Daily Mail Australia: “If men can get fresh pictures of hot girls from social media why would they need to go out and buy nude magazines?”

“Women who are photographed for magazines now are paid so much less than they used to be — or are expected to do it for free,” she said.

“I don’t want to tell anyone what to do but they have to know they are destroying the industry.”

It’s a catch 22 for the busty brunette who admits to posting nearly-naked shots on Instagram and Facebook in order to stay relevant.

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“I think where mine is different is it is never full-frontal nudity and they are arty shots,” she said. “I don’t count being naked on a bed or with sheets as being nude I think it is just implied nudity.”

Shojai claims naked models used to be paid into the thousands but today it’s much less.

“A lot of people need to save money these days and with all these women posting totally nude pictures of themselves — sometimes even with their legs spread — why would they need to go and get a nude magazine?”

The model added that if unpaid women stopped putting “sexualized” photos online, then industry professionals would be seen as “valuable” once again.

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