Hilaria Baldwin is 'getting stronger' postpartum in new workout post: 'Crushing it'

Hilaria Baldwin is working hard to get through her postpartum journey. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Hilaria Baldwin is working hard to get through her postpartum journey. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Hilaria Baldwin is trying to regain her strength after giving birth to her seventh child.

The 38-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself working out at home alongside her Bengal cat, Emilio, whom she shares with 64-year-old husband, Alec Baldwin. In the clip, Hilaria faced her fears of doing push-ups and how she modifies the exercise since she's postpartum.

"Push-ups are intimidating. I'm working on getting stronger, postpartum," the entrepreneur and podcaster wrote in her post's caption. "I like to mix full push-ups with modified push-ups. I make tiny bends in the arms with full and then deeper ones with modified. Little by little, with these two ranges of movement, strength comes. It's all about keeping the core strong and the form good. Have fun! And maybe you have a nosy cat like I do."

While the mother-of-seven limited who can comment on her post, people still showed their love and appreciation for her energy.

"All the way down," Alec jokingly commented, to which Hilaria replied, "I just had a baby...next time you do push-ups, I'm gonna stand on your back, oh strong one."

"Love you and your cats," someone added, along with a cat heart eye emoji.

"Get it, mama!" one fan shared, while adding two flame emojis.

"Crushing it," another chimed in.

After giving birth on Sept. 22 to daughter Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin, Hilaria has been candid on social media about her postpartum experience.

Earlier this week, Hilaria shared other photos on Instagram where she opened up about co-sleeping and breast pumping.

In the first snap, she laid in bed with Ilaria, both of whom appeared to be deep in sleep.

In the caption, Hilaria opened up about co-sleeping and how it's one of her "favourite" parts of motherhood.

"My husband takes pics of us when we sleep...used to make me roll my eyes. But co-sleeping with my babies during their first year has been one of my favourite things of being a mother. So thank you, Alec Baldwin, for documenting," she wrote alongside a shining star and yellow heart emojis.

In a second post, Hilaria shared another photo of her sleeping with her baby while she got real about her breast pumping routine.

"When the baby is born, I begin pumping, right before I feed them. I pump only three minutes. Nothing comes out at the beginning. I almost always pump before I feed. Even if the baby is fussy. Three minutes pass and then I can feed baby," she penned.

Later in the caption, the yoga instructor revealed that if she pumps after feeding the baby, she doesn't get milk as the "body responds differently to the pump than to the baby."

Although she is "no lactation specialist," Hilaria decided to share her feeding journey to help mothers everywhere.

"From trial and error and success feeding seven babies...It might sound stressful to pump so often (I even wake up at night two to three times to pump), but what I've found for my body is that the frequency teaches my body to produce milk in shorter time," she explained.

"Idea is patience for a week or two. Yes, I drink Gatorade when I breastfeed. Never thought little yoga organic me would, but it helps me so much to stay hydrated. I also drink tons of water and coconut water."

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