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'I had no idea how many fruit flies I had': This plug-in fly trap is just $14

It uses a UV light instead of chemicals, which means it's safe around kids, pets and food.

Here's the buzz: With temperatures rising, those flying pests that usually bother us outdoors have now made their way indoors. And just like families like to congregate in the kitchen, so do these uninvited guests. It's the stuff of creepy movies — but it doesn't have to be that way, thanks to the Safer Home Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap. True to its name, this sticky number will make sure you're not bugged while cooking and eating.

Yes, it's a fly trap, but it keeps those pesky pests hidden so no one has to know.

$14 at Amazon

The plug-in bug trap is only $14 on Amazon, which is quite the bargain compared to an exterminator. It starts working immediately and uses no chemical insecticides. Instead, it lures these critters with a UV light, which means it's safe around kids, pets and food. So say goodbye to harmful sprays or grandpa's flyswatter because now you've got this mighty trap to keep your home clean.

And if you love to cook and have lots of produce in the house, then this fly trap is essential. If your kitchen doubles as a greenhouse with hanging plants and herbs galore, then it's definitely essential. It attracts, catches and kills flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats and all those other flying things you don't want to think about. And unlike freakish fly paper, this keeps them hidden so nobody knows except you and your fly trap. It comes with refillable glue cards and a design that blends right in with your décor.

A plugged-in fly trap and an opened one with flies stuck to it.
It's a trap! An indoor fly trap, that is. (Amazon)

A whopping 18,000 Amazon reviewers give this bug trap a five-star rating. The fact that a fly trap inspires that many people to write a stellar review means it's the real deal. "It works!" one fan raved."Because it contains no chemicals or insecticides, this thing is safe to use in the kitchen. We placed it just above the counter and we do not see bugs anymore."

This reviewer was all abuzz about the trap, "I bought this to get rid of what I thought were a few gnats. I can see why they are called 'no see um's' in some parts of the U.S. In less than 21 days, 136 gnats had been captured! I really had no idea that there are that many gnats in my home! I replaced the first card a few days ago, and I already have close to 20 gnats. This really works splendidly!" And they also offer this tip: "Put it in an area where it's not in close proximity to competing light."

The fly trap is even TikTok Famous, "I randomly came across these on TikTok and it is GENIUS," gushed this gardener. "I grow plants/herbs indoors so occasionally get fungus gnats, and fruit fly season always happens at the end of summer regardless of how clean we keep the house. I’m no stranger to fly paper rolls, but man I hate how they look, both with and without bugs stuck to them. These lights completely fix that issue—pretty blue nightlight color, nice subtle design and color, and hidden bugs—and work like an absolute charm!" Said this reviewer, "I had no idea how many fruit flies I had."

And this satisfied customer agreed, "I had no idea this many flying bugs were in my house. I bought this because I've been getting a few mosquito bites at night. I left it plugged in for a couple days, then my wife called me over to look at the wall it was plugged into...when I removed the glue card it was basically full; gnats, flies, moths, etc. Seriously, I was amazed at what this thing was able to catch. I just ordered a pack of replacement glue cards since this will have a permanent place in my house!"

Safer Home will help you tell those creepy-crawlies to buzz off.

$14 at Amazon

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