James Middleton shows off sprawling family garden in touching video with family companion


James Middleton, 37, has shared a sneak peek into the garden of his beautiful family home as he shared his top tips for checking the health of your dog.

In the video, James had lots of cuddles with his adorable pup as he talked through the best ways to check your dog is a healthy weight.

Fans thanked him for the practical advice, with one saying: "Great advice, James. I measure my dogs' food so I can adjust accordingly if needed. Your dogs are lovely!" He finished the video by getting his fluffy friends excited for a walk.

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James has made sure his animal babies and human baby have done lots of bonding as he and his wife Alizeé Thevenet welcomed baby Inigo in October.

Four dogs watching over a baby in a pram
The dogs take their parenting responsibilities seriously (Instagram)

On Instagram, James wrote: "We have settled into our new life as parents and I’ve told him all about Ella and that if it wasn't for her he wouldn’t be here today and that we miss her greatly. The dogs have been fantastic at welcoming their little brother into the pack (although Inka needs to know the teddybears are not all for her…"

Behind him in the video were trees and greenery. Fans will recognise their beautiful £1.45m family home in Berkshire which also featured in this amazing photo of James, baby Inigo and the couple's dogs.

James and Alizee welcomed a son in October this year
James and Alizee welcomed a son in October this year (Instagram)

Princess Kate's brother is a devoted pet owner, with an incredible six dogs: Zulu, Luna, Inka, Mabel, Nala and Isla. It's clear to see what a special place the dogs have in James's life, especially relating to his struggles with mental health.

His first dog Ella was his therapy dog and the inspiration behind James's business, Ella & Co. Their delicious dog treats and kibble are designed to make man's best friend happier, and are approved by each of James's dogs.

Ella was an essential part of his meeting with Alizeé, as James revealed in a piece for The Telegraph in March 2021.

He wrote: "Ella was lying at my feet under the table; realising she might want some water, I trusted her to take herself over to the water bowl across the terrace.

james middleton wife and pet dogs
Dogs have been a key factor in the couple's relationship

"However, she made a beeline for Alizée. Rather embarrassed, I went over to apologise and bring Ella back," he explained. "But Alizée thought I was the waiter and ordered her drink while continuing to stroke Ella, who at this point was on her back lapping up the attention.

"Little did I know, but I had just met my future wife, all thanks to Ella. If I hadn't trusted Ella, I wouldn't have brought her to the South Kensington Club and she wouldn't have been able to say hi to the woman who became my fiancée."