Celebs like Linda Evangelista are opening up about Botox. Here's why that matters

Botox has been a hot topic among the cosmetic industry for many years.

Canadian stars open up about Botox. (Getty; Instagram/@nicolekarkic; Canva)
Canadian stars open up about Botox. (Getty; Instagram/@nicolekarkic; Canva)

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For years, Botox has been a hot topic in the cosmetic industry. Some love it for its ability to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while others are unsure of the potential side effects — and the stigma.

Recently, Canadian fashion model Linda Evangelista opened up to Vogue about Botox and aging amid the release of her AppleTV+ docuseries, "The Super Models," which also features Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

The 58-year-old confessed to using Botox on her forehead, even though she wants to age gracefully.

"I don't mind, and I never did mind, aging. Aging gets us to where we want to be and that's, for me, a long life," she explained.

"I want wrinkles — but I Botox my forehead so I am a hypocrite — but I want to grow old. I want to watch my son grow into a fine young man. I just want to stick around."

One woman attempting to reverse the stigma around Botox is "Weather Network" meteorologist Nicole Karkic.

In a recent Instagram post, the TV personality said getting Botox is part of her "self-care journey." She also revealed the injections make her feel empowered.

"I recently had Botox and am sharing my results, which includes smoothing wrinkles and fine lines," Karkic wrote in the caption. "It is not always easy to talk about things like this because it can come with judgment, but I want to help destigmatize being candid about choices we make to feel our best."

"The subtle changes I see with this treatment makes me feel good, and that puts a little pep in my step."

In the video, the meteorologist showed herself getting injections around her eyes and the results two weeks later, which decreased the look of her wrinkles.

The normalization of Botox

In recent years, people have been more open about the use of Botox, cosmetic enhancements and procedures.

According to JJ Walsh, co-Founder of Formula Fig, it's normalization through celebrity influence that plays a factor.

"Celebrities and public figures have played a significant role in destigmatizing cosmetic procedures by openly discussing their treatments," Walsh said in an interview with Yahoo Canada.

Technological advances in Botox and cosmetic procedures has also made the treatments less invasive and more effective.

"As they have become more mainstream, they have also become more accessible," she said.

To Walsh, the rise of social media is another important part of Botox's normalization.

While social media can create pressures related to appearance and body positivity, Walsh said it can "allow people to openly discuss their experiences with cosmetic procedures, both positive and negative."

Celebrity influence and social media has helped the normalization of cosmetic enhancements like Botox. (Photo via Getty Images)
Celebrity influence and social media has helped the normalization of cosmetic enhancements like Botox. (Photo via Getty Images) (Robert Daly via Getty Images)

Societal expectations, aging and mental health

As one ages, there can be a societal pressure to maintain a youthful appearance or look a certain way.

Walsh believes that despite this, aging comes with experience and a shift in priorities.

"I like to feel good physically, but my focus is on internal qualities and personal growth, which has led to a sense of self-acceptance and contentment," she explained.

"As I move through life, there is a reduction in external validation or conforming to these societal norms."

While some people slash societal norms by aging naturally, Walsh believes as some people get older, they get the confidence to try enhancements like Botox.

"Individual motivations for facial injectables can vary widely ... but primarily, it's reducing wrinkles and restoring volume to the face. [Botox] boosts self-confidence and self-esteem by subtly enhancing your appearance," Walsh revealed.

Doctor examining and explaining Asian women patient's face for improvement of her skin at a beauty clinic. Skin care clinic business.
Before embarking on any cosmetic enhancement or procedure, always consult with a specialist. (Photo via Getty Images) (Nitat Termmee via Getty Images)

Aging gracefully

Whether you choose to partake in Botox, other cosmetic procedures or nothing at all, Walsh has some advice when it comes to aging.

"I believe curiosity, vitality and a lust for life contribute to aging enthusiastically," she said.

In Walsh's opinion, when you get older, you start to prioritize what makes you happy. So if skincare or Botox gives you value, there's nothing wrong with it.

However, the expert said while there's openness and acceptance about Botox or cosmetic enhancements, decisions regarding these procedures should be made considering your motivations, expectations and wellbeing.

"Consulting with qualified medical professionals is essential to ensure that procedures are done safely and in line with individual goals," Walsh said.

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