Mom shamed for encouraging violence with birthday cake


Birthdays are supposed to be about having fun and celebrating another year. But for this Australian mom, it became an opportunity for people to judge her parenting skills.

Earlier this week, Mia Freedman’s son celebrated his eighth birthday and to mix things up, she decided to do something a little different for his cake.

“I usually just buy a $4.99 cake from Woolies and decorate it with Smarties for my kids’ birthdays,” she says in a Facebook post. “That’s my go-to and it’s never failed me. But this year I went all out.”

Shaking things up, Freedman picked up a “smash cake” from Australian bakery, Sydney Smash Cakes, which claim to be “an awesome alternative to an ordinary birthday cake.”

Instead of the usual cake batter, these are made with a chocolate dome, which is then decorated and filled with customized chocolates, candies and treats. There is no actual cake, icing, fondant or frosting, just chocolate, which creates a hard surface. This is important because unlike a regular birthday cake, you don’t cut these cakes — you smash them.

The website describes them as “a piñata and a cake in one.”

“It was a big hit in every way with the 25 x 8yo boys who demolished it. Bonus: no plates required and no cleaning up,” Freedman wrote alongside the video of the cake being destroyed by a rolling pin.

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But some viewers questioned whether Freedman was promoting violence by serving a cake like this.

“Whoa. Just whoa. Kids hitting each other, one kid hitting other kids’ hands with the rolling pin, one kid shoves another kid out of the way. A few kids only get one or two things because they are so much littler. What an unfunny, horrible replacement for traditional cakes,” wrote Sarah Jane Maidens.

“The behaviour of those kids is disgusting…. NOBODY in this plentiful country needs to act in this greedy manner… Shame on the stupid parents who advocated it….the mentality horrifies me…” Tanya Reif writes.

But others felt that the cake was simply in good fun.

“How clever is this cake. Pinata and cake combined. Kids love this. I would love to know how to make one,” said Holly De Campi.

“Well as a Mum of 3 who was raised by older perfect parents in harmony and calm as an only child…i loved it…i am sick of the perfect police…breeding sad uptight perfectionists….thanks for sharing…keep up the good work!” said Helen-Louise Shepherdson.

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