What Is Your Moon Sign? How Your Lunar Sign Affects Your Emotions, According to An Astrologer

Your moon sign plays a big part in your emotional life. Here is what it means, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust

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Moon signs graphic

The moon is a captivating celestial object that exerts a powerful influence. Its energy sustains life and fosters connections with nature and others. By regulating the water on our planet, the moon plays a vital role in our existence, as we are mostly made up of water. Consequently, it also impacts us as we interact with others.

Moon (or lunar) signs hold significant importance as not all individuals resonate with their sun sign. For instance, there are many Pisces who are not very imaginative and concentrate more on facts due to their moon sign being in Aquarius which is an air sign focused on truth. Understanding moon signs provides a comprehensive insight into the multifaceted nature of our personalities.

The birth chart provides a glimpse into the astrological conditions during our birth. Our lunar sign, which represents the moon’s position at the time of birth, plays a crucial role in understanding our personality as it reflects our deep emotions and desires. It indicates our tendencies towards nurturing, caring and seeking comfort, as well as our attitudes toward ourselves, others and the world in general.

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What is a moon sign?

Among the various components of a birth chart, the moon is one of the most influential as it defines our emotional makeup and reactions to situations. It also reveals how we connect with others and what makes us sentimental. Additionally, the moon represents our relationship with our mothers or other maternal figures in our lives and how we express our feelings towards them. Hence, comprehending the moon’s importance is crucial for anyone intrigued by the cosmos.

How does your moon sign differ from your sun sign?

The is a symbol of our emotions and intuition and it plays a significant role in shaping our experiences and relationships with others. Unlike our sun signs, which represent our egos, our moon signs represent the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden and don't express as openly.

Your lunar sign represents the parts of yourself that you might not express easily — secrets, memories, sense of security, how you connect with people, the things you hold dear, etc. The moon also represents how we heal, so it's vital in moving forward past setbacks.

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Not only that, but the moon encompasses a romantic and imaginative nature. It's about how we want to feel within and how we bring that out into the world. However, we often handle these things with care because our feelings can be tender and we don't want to get hurt.

Because the moon sign changes every 2.5 days, it's possible that people who share the same sun sign — which changes every 30 days — have different ways of processing their life experiences.

What does my moon sign mean?

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

You can find your moon sign by visiting sites such as USA Astrology and Cafe Astrology. Below is a breakdown of what each moon sign means.


With a fire sign moon, those with this lunar placement may experience intense emotional passion and impulsiveness. They tend to be argumentative and competitive with loved ones to make sure they are treated equally. On the bright side, Aries moons are fiercely protective of those they love and will fight diligently to protect others.

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When one’s moon falls in the dependable sign Taurus, they will find comfort in indulging in earthly pleasures while also maintaining a sense of stability and security. Similarly, being loyal makes for a dependable friend, lover and partner who’ll always remain faithful and reliable in times of need. Also, creativity allows their talents to shine.


Gemini moons possess a dual nature: On one hand, they tend to speak in circles. And on the other, they find it challenging to put their thoughts into action. Nevertheless, they always strive to convey their emotions to others, especially regarding the way they express their feelings — which always has some wit and playfulness.


Individuals who have a Cancer moon in their birth chart tend to be emotionally intelligent and maternal. Their feelings are private and only shared with those they trust. As the moon’s phases and signs change, so do their emotions, making it difficult to predict their next move and keep up with their ever-changing sentiments.


Leo moons come across as boisterous, proud and a bit dramatic at times. Nevertheless, they have an entertaining personality and are never hesitant to speak their minds or help others. Leo moons have a good sense of humor and tend to approach life with a romantic outlook as long as they’re given respect and some TLC.


Virgo moons over-analyze their emotions, often coming up with solutions in their minds. They have a cerebral approach to life, treating people with fairness, compassion and giving them the benefit of the doubt. However, they are also about reciprocity and Virgo moons need to ensure they receive the same amount of kindness they give to others.


When the moon is in airy Libra, the focus is on creating long-term partnerships. They strive to find a balance and work together with others, even if it means avoiding conflict through passive-aggressive behavior. Despite this, those born under this moon sign are always willing to negotiate and compromise to maintain good relationships with others.


Scorpio moons have a reputation for being intense, due to their tendency to delve deeply into situations and relationships. When they choose to open up to others, they do so with great dedication, but if they’re hurt, they may lash out with their stingers in an attempt to retaliate. Be nice or pay the price!


The lunar Sagittarius brings a wistful desire for independence and a constant search for excitement. They tend to admire individuals who possess unique qualities that set them apart from the norm. When provoked, they may assert their emotions with harsh language or aggression, but ultimately they strive to progress rather than dwell on the past.


Capricorn moons need to align themselves with others who are just as serious and hard-working as they are for them to feel as though their efforts are paying off. They do not mince words and are serious when expressing how they feel. , are down-to-earth and serious when expressing how they feel. Meaning, they only open their hearts to people they definitely care about.


Individuals with an Aquarius moon tend to be forward-thinking and express their innermost feelings in a unique way. They prefer to be around like-minded individuals and often devote their time to humanitarian causes. However, they may come across as aloof when faced with emotional situations because they have their own distinctive way of expressing themselves.


The Pisces moon is tender, intuitive and imaginative. Sometimes, they like to run away from their emotions and escape. They have so many feelings because they can take on the burdens of others due to their empathetic sentiments. They often use dreams, spirituality and idealism to develop relationships that speak to their loving nature.

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