Nelly Furtado looks 'better than ever' as ELLE Canada's May 2024 cover star: 'Nellyssance'

The Canadian pop star, 45, opened up about being more inspired and confident than ever before.

Nelly Furtado at the Los Angeles premiere of
Nelly Furtado is the latest star to cover ELLE Canada. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Variety via Getty Images)

Nelly Furtado is having a full-on renaissance moment.

The Canadian pop icon, 45, is the latest star to grace ELLE Canada's cover, this time for its May 2024 issue. On Wednesday, the magazine shared the cover of its upcoming issue on Instagram featuring the "I'm Like a Bird" songstress rocking a black and white Eliza Faulkner T-shirt that showed off the numbers "78," which is her birth year. Furtado matched the look with a custom white skirt draped with black ribbons, along with gold Jenny Bird bracelets, as she laid back on an off-white chair.

"Furtado walks a fine line of being both extraordinary and deliciously normal — in the best way imaginable," ELLE Canada began in the caption to its post. "Her music is empowering. It's bold and mould-shattering. And it's everywhere.

"Even with all this success, Furtado remains inquisitive, soft-spoken, humble and Zen. She's a loving parent who takes pleasure in the simple joys of raising her kids, a giving collaborator and a true artist."

ELLE Canada also followed up with an Instagram Reel, showing off various behind-the-scenes clips from the photoshoot with Furtado and giving a sneak peek into her interview, which will be released on April 22.

"Now, I'm more mature so, emotionally, I feel like I'm better than ever," Furtado shared in her interview. "I'm more assertive and strong-willed; I have more confidence, and I'm smarter. It's version 2.0."

In both posts, fans showed their love for the "Maneater" artist and excitement for her return to the public eye.

"Better than ever! Love me some [Nelly Furtado]," penned Canadian TV host Liz Trinnear.

"Yes! Can't wait to see the article," one fan shared, along with a red heart emoji.

"Queen Nelly is back," another raved.

"Nellyssance," one person chimed in, adding a flame emoji.

Gearing up for a comeback in the entertainment industry, Furtado has been booked and busy lately. The mom-of-one looked flawless on the cover of Fashion Magazine in October, hosted the 2024 Junos in Halifax in March, performed for the first time at Coachella this past weekend and followed up by attending the premiere for her new movie "The Greatest Hits."

Despite filling out her schedule, the Victoria, B.C.-born superstar opened up about being "in a better head space than ever" in a recent interview with Euphoria magazine, as she talked about her life and making a return to the music scene.

"I'm a mom too, and so, as fun as it is being a mom, it can also be stressful," she admitted. "The moment you get to the studio, sometimes my kids come with me and it's just so beautiful when you can be making music. Immediately, I feel more calm. I feel more myself.

"I realize that my brain makes so much more sense in the studio. I was officially diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years ago and in the studio, my ADHD feels like a superpower."

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