I Hate To Say It, But Non-Americans Think These 21 American Foods Are "Disgusting," And They Might Be Right

A while back, we wrote a post where non-American Redditors shared American foods that seem gross or — at the very least — quite confusing. Even more Reddit users shared the American foods they're not too fond of — and of course, it gets heated. Here's what they had to say:

1."I remember a lime jello tuna salad ring made in a bundt pan by a distant relative. We told her with her work schedule, she shouldn't bother with bringing food to potlucks."


A gelatin mold filled with tuna and garnished with lettuce and olives, presented on a kitchen counter
u/Dirk_Tungsten / Via

2."That sweet potato casserole recipe topped with pecans and marshmallows — a 'traditional side at Thanksgiving table.'"


"Marshmallows on sweet potatoes is so gross and foreign to me."


Sweet potato casserole topped with toasted marshmallows, served in a glass dish on a dining table
u/cypressdwd / Via

3."Canned things that probably don't need to be canned. Looking at you, whole white potatoes in water."


A stacked whole canned potatoes next to its container on a kitchen counter
u/SSTralala / Via

4."I'm sorry but those slices of American cheese have always tasted so fake and plastic to me personally."


Two slices of bread with a single cheese slice on each, one with wrapper partially on
u/g8happy4all / Via

5."When they introduced me to Chicago pizza, something in me died. That should not be called pizza — it's just a devil fat pie."


Chicago pizza
Elizabeth Beard / Getty Images

6."Grits. I tried it a few times and don't hate it anymore, but it's weird. Very weird."


Bowl of creamy grits with a spoon, close-up, held by a person

7."As an Australian, I would like to know what in the flying firetruck a 'Bloomin' Onion' has to do with anything — let alone the rest of Outback Steakhouse's menu."


Person holding a plate with a blooming onion and dipping sauce
u/bradwest96 / Via

8."[Midwestern] salads 🥲😬. Like, WTF, America! Crushed pineapples and marshmallows are not ingredients that belong near a salad 🤡😂."


Bowl of fruit salad with creamy dressing and a spoon on a paper calendar background
u/dkmadness / Via

9."Mac and cheese where it does not belong. I'm looking at you, pizza and burgers."


Pizza with macaroni and cheese topping, one slice removed, on a baking tray next to a pizza cutter
u/RilantheGreat / Via

10."Coffee creamer. It's wild that's even a thing. Just pour some milk in there."


A cup of coffee with a spoon on a wooden surface
Trinetuzun / Getty Images

11."Americans tend to like their bacon crispier. As a Canadian, I say chewy bacon for the win."


Crispy bacon strips on a paper towel-lined plate
u/RadDadBrad / Via

12."Twinkies. WTF is it even made of? In my mind, it's just pure sugar."


Person holding a bitten Twinkie over an open Twinkies snack package
u/PoukieBear / Via

13."Sloppy joes. The thing I find least appealing about burgers is when the filling falls off."


A close-up of a sloppy joe sandwich with ground beef and onions on a bun
u/ChiLittlePickle / Via

14."American bread. I'm sure you can get good bread somewhere in the US, but the generally available, sugary, long-shelf-life bread is so appalling."

"Now, of course, your export of fast-food restaurants has nothing to do with haute cuisine, but any burger would be so much better if at least you used acceptable bread."


Three slices of white bread on a patterned plate
u/macshia / Via

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15."Whoever decided we needed to batter and deep fry sticks of butter."


Partially bitten fried stick of butter, oozing out melted butter
u/mm2woodDOTmid / Via

16."Corn syrup everywhere."


"The prevalence of high fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, being in Canada, it's bleeding over the border as a lot of products here are manufactured in the USA."


Syrup bottle labeled "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" next to its Nutrition Facts label that lists "corn syrup" and "sugar"
u/alexthemale / Via

17."Ranch dressing. I once had a pizza in America, and it had ranch dressing on it. Ranch dressing doesn't really exist in Europe, and it's this weird, salty, fatty, mayo-like sauce — and it certainly does not belong on a pizza...or inside a human body for that matter."


A jar of creamy Ranch with specks of herbs on a dark countertop
Taira Norris / Getty Images

18."The chocolate out there is FOUL."


"Ghirardelli, Guittard, Dove, Scharffen Berger, and hundreds of smaller companies are fine. Pretty much just avoid anything you would find near the register at a grocery store."


"I tried a big-name American chocolate brand once but couldn't eat it due to the vomit smell and taste."


Close-up of milk and dark chocolate bars with clear detail on texture
Michelle Garrett / Getty Images

19."I find biscuits and gravy to be absolutely disgusting."

"But I'd like to counterbalance that by adding how delicious cornbread is and why on earth hasn't it become a staple here in Europe? It's SO yummy!"


A person holds a plate of biscuits smothered in creamy sausage gravy, steam rising, kitchen background
u/msdeeds123 / Via



Spray cheese with diced vegetables in a pan
u/minda1120 / Via

And finally...

21."Circus Peanuts. What are they? How do they have so much sugar but taste so horrible? What science experiments created them?"


Person holding a peanut-shaped orange puff
u/slimshady713 / Via

WOW. Americans, do you agree with these opinions? And non-Americans, what other American foods actually seem "gross"? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.