The one drink you should never order on a plane

You might want to think twice about ordering a Diet Coke on a plane. (Getty Images)

We’ve all experienced that feeling after takeoff: you’re near the back of the plane and the bar cart is inching towards you, your mouth is dry and you can’t wait for a cool drink. And it’s taking forever. Why?!

It’s not the beer, wine or apple juice making for slow service — it’s Diet Coke. In a recent post on the blog These Gold Wings, an anonymous flight attendant identifies the soft drink as a hindrance to bar service.

“Pouring Diet Coke is one of the biggest slow downs in the bar service and on the shorter flights those precious seconds count,” wrote the flight attendant under the pseudonym Jet.

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While we’ve all fallen victim to waiting for our fountain pop to de-fizz to fill the cup, it’s even worse in the air. Jet goes further to explain why this common occurrence is even more applicable from 8,000 feet in the sky.

“As you may know, the aircraft cabin is not pressurized to sea level, but rather to the equivalent of about seven or eight thousand feet… soft drinks foam up a lot more when poured out of a can,” wrote Jet.

“I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to fall before I can continue pouring. If all three passengers ask for Diet Coke I’ll often get them started, take another three drink orders, serve those, and then finish the Diet Cokes.”

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While this information wasn’t shared to deter travellers from enjoying the popular drink in the air, Jet was trying to explain why bar service can take longer than expected.

“I don’t care what you want to drink. I’ll pour it, and I won’t have a second thought about it.”

Looking for an alternative to your usual pop? Try tomato juice. According to science, a combination of cabin pressure and the drink’s acidity make it the perfect drink to enjoy in flight (we’ll take ours with a shot of vodka, please!)

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