People Are Revealing The Grossest Things Their Partner Does That They Fully Accept, And My Stomach Is Turning HARD

Let's be honest: we all do gross things. However, sometimes, a particular "gross" habit can push the limits of sanitation. So when Reddit user u/egguchom asked: "What's the grossest thing your partner does but you accept?" over 10 thousand people had input on the matter. Here's what they said below.

1."She bites whole-ass cartoonish chunks out of cheese we have in the fridge. I think it's funny AF, and we laugh about it, but she's actually a rat."

A person smiles while playfully biting into a large piece of Parmesan cheese, standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
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2."He forcefully gags himself when brushing his teeth to remove phlegm. It’s a shockingly loud gag noise every single tooth-brushing."


3."To take his medication in pill form, he chews up a big piece of food, spits it out in a ball, shoves his medication in it, throws the ball of food back in his mouth, and swallows it whole."

Person holding a blister pack of pills with one pill in hand, sitting with a glass of water nearby

4."She's averse to wasting water (particularly flushing the toilet), especially when it's just pee. So she will allow a day's worth of pee to accumulate, only for me to have to flush when I get home from work. I tell her all the time to flush every three pees, but I'm apparently the default toilet flusher for #1."


"If it's yellow, let it mellow, lol."


5."He puts his toothbrush upside down in the holder. He's a monster. But I love him."

Toothbrush and toothpaste on a bathroom counter indicating shared hygiene, possibly a couple's routine

6."His dog sleeps in bed with him. The dog regularly pisses in said bed. After an uncountable number of bed toppers, comforters, and sheets, I'm seriously rethinking this relationship."

"I'm not a dog hater...or at least I wasn't until this dog. Well, I don't actually hate the dog. It could've been trained — but nope. This dog randomly shits in the living room and has such 'favorite' pissing areas in the house that the wood laminate floors are all ruined.

The dog has a doggy door. It can't be put on a leash because it doesn't like collars/leashes. It never gets reprimanded for any bad behavior and regularly goes after anyone, even if my boyfriend is right there. Oh, and I can't hug or kiss my boyfriend without the dog going off."


7."Eats mayonnaise out of the jar with a spoon."

Jar of yogurt with spoon, on a dark surface, next to open lid

8."Sucks her tea bags dry."


9."I saw my ex pick a booger and flick it off into his room multiple times. Also, about three months after we broke up, I was cleaning under my bed and found different pieces of gum stuck to the bottom of my bed frame. (Mind you, he’s the only other person to sleep in my bed.)"

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10."Biting my toenails. You read that right—not her toenails but mine. I don't like it, but it doesn't harm me. Then she'll chew on them for hours."


11."Leaves used Q-tips everywhere! His ears are the cleanest I've ever seen, but still, I can't stand finding them in random spots days later."

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12."When he gets really comfy and into deep sleep he farts up a storm, and I think it’s the cutest thing ever. Luckily, there is no smell, just little happy toots, and his mumbling conversations. I love him so much."


13."Nearly dying from choking on stringy cheese every time she eats a mozzarella stick. She never learns."

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14."She licks her vibrator before using it, having not washed it in over a year."


"My wife got a UTI because I read this comment."


15."Clips his nails with his teeth and sets the clippings on different countertops."

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16."Clean his ass in the sink after a poop! Mind you, I bought a bidet attachment that he just needs to get the plumber to connect!"


17."He sometimes eats while in the bathroom taking a shit. He'll also try to feed me snacks in the bathroom, as if he's made cookies and saw me walk past to go pee. (I only ever eat in the bathroom if I'm having a long soak in the tub.)"

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