Sangita Patel nails 'insane' ab workout challenge: 'You're a powerhouse!'

The "ET Canada" host is back with another weekly fitness video.

Sangita Patel is back with another weekly fitness video.

On Tuesday, the Toronto-native showed off her impressive strength with her 152,000 Instagram followers. In the video, the "ET Canada" host nailed a tough ab workout challenge.

To break a sweat, Patel wore black Under Armour leggings and a matching tank top. She topped off the look with a green camouflage ball cap and white sneakers with red soles.

The 43-year-old paired the post with a motivational caption and admitted that the challenge was a lot harder than she made it look.

"Abs-lified! Yo, This was hard. The focus and control. The whole core was crying. Umm, I’m not sure how I was even able to swap plates. Try this or hold #HallowHold for 30 secs," Patel wrote.

In the comments, fans praised the mother-of-two for being in such great shape.

"Oh my goodness. This one looks so hard! You make it look easy to do!" an Instagram user commented.

"You're a powerhouse!" added another.

"Abs-solutely incredible," someone quipped.

One person wrote: "Full beast mode ... insane strength!"

"You are freaking strong!" penned another.

"Inspiring as always!" a fan commented. "You're strong, girl."

In November, the Canadian TV personality shared a "mind-blowing" fitness challenge starring her husband, Samir Patel, while on a beach in Mexico.

The video began with another couple completing the challenge before segueing to the Canadian duo trying it themselves.

"We got this," the on-screen text read as Patel attempted to jump on her husband's shoulders. "Umm, maybe not."

"Shocked," she added after finally nailing it.

"Yup, you know I couldn't leave without a challenge on the beach," the TV host captioned the post before thanking her fans for sending her the challenge. "Took a few tries and a lot of laughter."

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