Sarah Nicole Landry has 'missed out' on time with her kids due to 'body shame'

The body-confidence influencer is reminding women to not let body shame interfere with family time.

Sarah Nicole Landry shares body-positive message and recalls
Sarah Nicole Landry shares body-positive message and recalls "sidelining" herself from family activities due to "body shame" via Instagram/ @thebirdspapaya

Sarah Nicole Landry is "showing up" for her kids.

On Wednesday, the body-confidence influencer shared an Instagram Reel of herself in a swimming pool wearing a purple high-waisted bikini, holding her youngest daughter. She paired it with a powerful reminder not to let body shame interfere with spending quality time with family.

"Take it from a mom who missed out on a lot," the mom-of-four penned in the on-screen text.

"Sitting on the sidelines, I know this is often all we see/feel/think about," Landry continued, showing off different angles of her body.

"But this... this is what matters," she added as she took her daughter into the pool. "There are no redos, just keep goings."

In the caption, the Canadian self-love advocate — also known as The Birds Papaya — recalled "sidelining" herself from activities with her eldest children that triggered her insecurities.

"'Mom come in! It’s OK, you go!' And they went. Without me. Time and time again," Landry penned before making a commitment to be more present with her children going forward.

"I cannot show up for them backward in time. But in the forward motion, I’ll be there. I’ll be here."

Landry revealed she regrets missing out on her and her children's life experiences due to body insecurities.

"My biggest regret is sidelining myself from my life and theirs because of my body shame," she shared. "I valued the opinions of others more than that of my children."

In the comments, fans praised Landry's personal growth and commitment to bettering herself for her family.

"The fact you can look back and recognize where your insecurities might have affected your kids, and correct that part of yourself for them moving forward, is so inspiring," an Instagram user wrote. "You're an amazing mama and such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!"

"Cannot love this enough!," someone else chimed in.

Another fan added: "You have come so far! Motherhood is already so hard to navigate without the crushing weight of body shame getting in the way. You should be so proud!"

"Needed this today," a commenter shared.

Last month, Landry garnered praise after sharing an Instagram Reel of herself trying on a fitted, patterned maxi dress alongside a message about her self-acceptance journey.

"When you stop worrying about if your belly is soft and showing and just show up," the on-screen text reads as she put the dress on.

"The 16-year-old version of me that taped her belly with duct tape and bandages would be super proud, I hope," Landry wrote in the caption.

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