Sarah Nicole Landry gets real about trying to hide her 'perfectly normal' double chin

The Canadian influencer said that hiding your body is the "erasure of joy."

Sarah Nicole Landry shares message about hiding double chin paired with candid photos with daughter via Instagram/ @thebirdspapaya
Sarah Nicole Landry shared a message about hiding her double chin on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about her insecurities.

On Saturday, the Canadian influencer — better known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share two candid photos of her smiling with her youngest daughter.

The mother-of-four paired the photos with an important reminder about not letting insecurities get in the way of "joy."

She began by revealing that as she was laying in bed scrolling her phone, she put her shirt over her double chin to hide it from her husband.

"I thought about how often we do that — cover-up. Hide. Delete. Edit, even. Flatter the 'unflattering' angles," Landry wrote, adding that doing so is the "erasure of joy."

To combat this, the content creator shared a photo with her daughter even though she found it "unflattering."

"I thought about that smile on my face. That absolute magical feeling of laughter and how by expressing it, I got this photo," she penned. "How beautiful is joy? I think it’s perhaps our most flattering angle."

In the comments, fans praised the Guelph, Ont.-native's inspiring message.

"Your joy is so contagious, and so is your vulnerability," a fan commented, while another wrote: "It’s so funny because I didn’t even notice your chin! We are our own worst critics, I only noticed your joy!"

"Needed this today," someone else shared. "Thanks for the great reminder."

"It’s crazy how we notice it in ourselves and look straight at our insecurities! I never notice anyone’s body in photos except mine!" added another.

One person commented: "Thanks for the reminder! From someone who too has pulled up my shirt or sweatshirt over my chin too."

Last month, the self-love advocate shared another powerful reminder about not letting insecurities and diet culture spoil the holidays.

In a video urging her followers to indulge guilt-free this holiday season, she explained that "January is notorious for 'new year, new you,' and resolutions that are deeply rooted in diet culture."

"Grandma's cheesecake is not going to be around forever. So please, have a bite — have two slices," she added.

"In January they will weaponize against us our best moments and holiday memories, reducing them to guilt and shame. No. Not this year," she doubled down in the caption. "You deserve to enjoy the holidays… and grandma's cheesecake."

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