Scientists may have discovered the cause of dyslexia

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A pair of French researchers say they may have found a physical cause for Dyslexia. If their findings are correct, the disorder could be treatable.

The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, explores the alignment of tiny light-receptor cells in the human eye and the messages they send to the brain. In dyslexic people, these cells have matching alignments in each eye — which produce a mirror image that can confuse the brain.

For people without the disorder, cells are arranged asymmetrically, allowing signals from the one eye to be overridden by the other to create a single image in the brain.

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“Our observations lead us to believe that we indeed found a potential cause of dyslexia,” study co-author Guy Ropars of the University of Rennes, told AFP.

Checking eyes could become a “relatively simple” method of diagnosis, Ropars added.

“The discovery of a delay (of about 10 thousandths of a second) between the primary image and the mirror image in the opposing hemispheres of the brain, allowed us to develop a method to erase the mirror image that is so confusing for dyslexic people”

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While experimenting with treatments, the duo used a LED lamp flashing at such speed it couldn’t be perceived by the naked eye. This canceled out one of the mirror images in the brains of dyslexic people.

The potential cure will require further testing before it will be deemed reliably effective.

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