Size 22 blogger says she's fitter than her slim friends: 'It's not about glorifying obesity'

Krista Thurrott
Plus size blogger says despite her curvy figure she is more fit than most of her slim friends <em>(Photo via Instagram)</em>
Plus size blogger says despite her curvy figure she is more fit than most of her slim friends (Photo via Instagram)

A blogger is claiming that despite being a size 22 — a size considered morbidly obese by health standards — she’s more fit than her thin friends.

Jessica Millichamp says she has outrun and out-sweat her slim friends in both speed and duration. The 30-year-old, who works out three times a week, admits to a history of fad diets and a poor relationship with food — but says her health is perfect despite her curvy figure.

“I have a clean bill of health and I’ve never had high blood pressure or anything like that,” she told the Daily Mail.

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“I try to exercise around three times a week, whether that’s going to the gym, going swimming, or just doing a little workout at home.”

Millichamp has more than 25,000 followers supporting her honest Instagram feed. The blogger, who posts about her “saggy boobs,” cellulite and acne, inspires her community to embrace their bodies at any size — but fears some may judge her for that very reason.

“I know what my body wants and how I can neglect it at times but I try to live a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

“It’s very sad to think that some people will look at me and just think ‘diabetes’ when in fact I’m just a normal human being, trying my best, being kind to others and striving to be happy.”

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“A lot of the women I speak to don’t just feel insecure, they actually hate themselves. I know this feeling, I’ve been there before and it’s an awful way to feel. You can’t enjoy your life because you just constantly compare yourself to others, put yourself down and ultimately you feel depressed,” she said.

“Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and if society wasn’t so quick to judge a person based on their appearance, then maybe we wouldn’t loathe ourselves and maybe I wouldn’t have to run a blog telling people that they are good enough just as they are.”

With recent headlines surrounding the Cosmopolitan U.K. cover featuring Tess Holliday, Millichamp’s body positive attitude is a welcome narrative when it comes to the female figure.

It’s not about glorifying obesity,” she said. “It’s about reminding people that the world is full of diversity and that nobody is perfect.”

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